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    Nice digs Paid Member

    A Buddhist priest's quarters, situated on the grounds of the 550-year-old Buddhist temple Chushin-ji, by architects Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates, as seen at iconeye, where you can read all about it: More »
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    Shall we offer flowers? Paid Member

    Hearing a poet read his own work adds new dimension to a piece of writing as it allows us to listen to the words and pace of the poem the way the author meant for it to be heard. Such is the case with Andrew Schelling's poem "Shall We Offer Flowers?" which was featured as the dedication of merit in the summer issue of Tricycle. Now, hear Schelling---a poet, essayist, and translator---read his previously unpublished poem "Shall we offer flowers?" aloud. You can listen to it here. More »
  • Great Pix for the Buddha's Birthday Paid Member

    Nice lanterns in preparation for the Buddha's birthday on May 21 in Korea, by Gregory Curley of CNNGo (© 2010 Gregory Gurley): More »
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    Share your photos with Tricycle Paid Member

    It is always exciting to see the photos that readers share with us. The image below and the sentiments that accompany it are particularly beautiful. Please feel welcome to send in your images of the Buddha and thoughts as well. They can be sent in GIF, JPG or PNG format to They just might end up in the pages of Tricycle—with your permission, of course. The title of the attached photo is "The Buddha teaches on impermanence."  I owned this concrete Buddha for about 15 years. He's traveled with me from home to home always positioned outside my front door. When I come home with the issues of the day weighing on my mind he reminds me that I'm home and welcomes me home into the present moment. Now he reminds me of the impermanent nature of all we behold.  - Paul M More »
  • The New Tricycle Gallery Paid Member

    We are very proud to announce the launch of the Tricycle Gallery. These beautiful world class works of Himalayan Art from the Rubin Museum of Art are available to download and print for personal use on a shrine or wall, as desktop wallpaper on a computer or mobile device, and can be sent through email as gifts for friends. This gallery will surely grow as we collaborate with more museums, institutions, and collectors. More »