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    Himalayan Art Resources' Jeff Watt couldn't be more emphatic: Art for art's sake is as old as Tibet—in fact, far older. So you can imagine how ticked off the Tibetan iconography expert was when he read this at There is no Tibetan equivalent for the word “art” as it is known in the West. The closest approximation is lha dri pa, literally, “to draw a deity.” Traditionally, neither the Tibetan language nor the Tibetan cultural framework has recognized art for art’s sake, and an artist’s efficacy rests in his ability to precisely replicate an established visual language and portray the essence of a particular deity. ( More »
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    Melodala draws mandalas while you listen to music Paid Member

    Buddhist iPhone apps are all the rage—at least among Buddhists with iPhones or iPod Touches. So to these people we say meet Melodala, "an iPhone app inspired by Tibetan Buddhism." Plug in some settings and color preferences and it makes pretty roundish pictures while you listen to music. If this is your thing, you can find Melodala here. It costs $2.99. More »
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    A Muslim paints the Buddha Paid Member

    Mussarrat Nahid Imam is deeply dedicated to preserving traces of ancient Buddhist civilization. As the director of the National Art Gallery in Islamabad, Pakistan—an area once ruled by the Buddhist kings of Gandhara—she has become concerned that Buddhist artwork from the Gandharan civilization (like the statues above) will be lost if proper attention isn't given to preservation. As part of that effort, Imam paints Gandharan Buddhist relics and images of the Buddha in order to ensure that the style will be remembered by future generations. More »
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    Zen Monster Vol. 1 No. 2 Paid Member

    The new issue of Zen Monster is out and available wherever cool literary zines are sold (although see below.) This issue seems more prosy but nor more prosaic than the last. Highlights: Gary Snyder's "Formalism and Elitism in Zen," an interview the poet Alice Notley, and Dairyu Michael Wenger's entrancing ink-on-rice paper paintings (which can also be seen at his blog Inklings) that punctuate the 300+ pages. This issue is probably twice as thick as the first, which we mentioned here a while back. Did any readers of that post submit anything to ZM? More »
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    “Genuine art reveals the truth.” -Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche “Mata-mor”, by Rodrigo Bueno Recently Tricycle asked our online supporters to recommend to us Buddhist charities and non-profits that are doing good work around the world. Among the many responses we received, there were several very enthusiastic endorsements of the group Dharma/Arte, a highly respected non-profit institution that promotes activities in the areas art and education. More »