Zen (Chan)

The meditation (dhyana) school originating in China that emphasizes "mind-to-mind transmission"
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    It's Beyond Me: Freedom from Managing Your Life Paid Member

    We treat our lives as though they are investments. Without even realizing it, we wonder how we can "make the most" of our time or what we can "get out of" a particular experience or relationship, tethering ourselves to an unconscious viewpoint that turns our lives into never-ending projects. In her online retreat, Zen Buddhist priest Zenju Earthlyn Manuel awakens us from the slumber of this ultimately destructive attitude. Each week she will pry us from our old patterns of micromanagement, helping us to discover the boundlessness of a life no longer restrained by the constant, petulant question "What's in it for me?" More »
  • Thich Nhat Hanh Making Steady Recovery Paid Member

    More good news to report about the health of renowned Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, who emerged from a coma last November and appears to be making a steady, albeit slow, recovery. The website affiliated with his international network of youth sanghas, "Wake Up," published an update on his status, penned by longtime collaborator Sister Chan Khong.   It announces: More »
  • Personal Heaven, Personal Hell Paid Member

    A Sri Lankan monk once told me, “There is no doubt: if you follow the five precepts, you will be happy. You will live a good life.” We were standing outside the Mahabodhi Temple, in Bodh Gaya, India, discussing the Buddhist path for lay followers. At that point in my life, the monk’s words struck me as uncomplicatedly true. I was living in a Buddhist monastery as part of the Antioch Buddhist Studies program and observing the five precepts with such fervency that I wouldn’t borrow my roommate’s flashlight for even a minute without asking first. “What if she comes back to her room and needs her flashlight while you have it?” my teacher asked sensibly. “It’s a way of avoiding unnecessary complications.” The four months I spent in India were undoubtedly the happiest, simplest days of my life. More »
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    On the Path with Thay Paid Member

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    A Sweetness Appears and Prevails Paid Member

    The reason we bother to get up in the morning is because of everything; is because there is another arithmetic without internal sense and we ache at the borders; is because the grey music of the first chickadee before dawn in the hemlocks is the grinding engines of the humpyard carried on morning air; is because we are afraid and know everyone is afraid and do not know who will soothe our tears nor how many tears we will hold unshed. You seem to be you and I seem to be me. My sorrows are no greater than your sorrows. Thou art beautiful, o my loves, as tears are. More »
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    The Zen Master Is Present Paid Member

    Poison Blossoms from a Thicket of ThornTrans. Norman WaddellCounterpoint Press, 2014608 pp; $33.00 More »