Zen (Chan)

The meditation (dhyana) school originating in China that emphasizes "mind-to-mind transmission"
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    The Sweet Pain of Remorse Paid Member

    One particular difficulty, which is one of the most effective catalysts to awakening the heart, is experiencing the pain of remorse. Sometimes we get a glimpse of the fact that we’re living from vanity or unkindness or pettiness, and we feel a cringe of conscience. This is the experience of remorse, which arises when we become acutely aware that we are going against our true nature—against the heart that seeks to awaken. We can feel the pain we cause others, as well as ourselves; and this experience is almost always sobering. In fact, perhaps as much as anything, the pain of remorse can motivate a profound desire within us to live more awake and more genuinely. From the pain of deep humiliation—from seeing how we go against our true nature—real humility can awaken. . . . More »
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    Coming, Going Paid Member

    Empty-handed I entered the worldBarefoot I leave it.My coming, my going—Two simple happeningsThat got entangled. From Japanese Death Poems, compiled by Yoel Hoffman. © 1998 Tuttle Publishing. Reprinted with permission of the publisher. Read more death poems here. Illustration by Roberto La Forgia More »
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    Beautiful Storm Paid Member

    One night some 16 years ago, while on a writing assignment in Central America, I got caught by a violent storm in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The fronds of the palm trees along the shore were breaking apart and bending double like seaweed in a powerful tide. The beach was one long seethe of white spume, and the wind was filled with flying debris and a smoke of sand. More »
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    Simple Joy Paid Member

    I sit here,Dappled by the sun filteringthrough the leaves, a child chases a pigeon,the old man naps there on the bench,a white moth flits by,occasions of joy,always right here. Say the word joy, and what comes to mind? To me, joy seems to come unbidden, just erupting at the oddest times. It isn’t possible to plan for joy, yet when it comes, it is an unmistakable overflowing of feelings of delight in the world and its mysteries. More »
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    Letting Go of Our Baggage Paid Member

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    Liberation Paid Member