The path and practice of insight through mindfulness meditation
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    Q&A with Vipassana Instructor Michele McDonald Paid Member

    Michele McDonald, who has been teaching vipassana meditation for thirty years, co-founded Vipassana Hawai’i and was the first woman to teach a formal retreat in Burma (with Sayadaw U Lakkhana, Abbot of Kyaswa Monastery). Although she’s been busy lately holding retreats for both her novice and more experienced students, Tricycle had the chance to chat with her via email about practice, teaching, and her CD “Awake at the Wheel: Mindful Driving,” which presents vipassana meditation instructions for drivers. Tricycle’s very own Web Editor, Philip Ryan, tried it out a few months ago while on a trip to visit the Venerable Bhikku Bodhi, which you can read about here. More »
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    Vipassana or vipassana: Clear Seeing in Ten Years Paid Member

    The term vipassana means "clear insight" and traditionally refers to meditative insight into the impermanent, not-self, and stressful characteristics of our experience. Vipassana has a central role in the rich and developed system of liberation found in Theravada Buddhism, the Buddhism of Burma, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. Historically, many methods have been taught for developing vipassana. The method that has become most prevalent in the West equates vipassana with mindfulness practice, that is, the development of our capacity to see clearly and nonreactively into the present. This method is the one that most Westerners think of when they hear the word vipassana, and is the one that I will here identify as vipassana. More »
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    A Great Force of Energy Paid Member

    Tricycle introduced its Community site in February 2009, and the response took everyone by surprise. No one expected the membership to grow so large so quickly. Less immediately obvious but no less significant in defying expectations was the demographic range of those joining up. All sorts of people were coming from all sorts of places: a college student from Ecuador, an engineer from Ghana, a schoolteacher from Iran. It turns out Buddhism in the West is more diverse and far-flung than many assume. Indeed, there is a lot of “Buddhism in the West” that is not in the West at all. More »
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    Sticking with It Paid Member

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    The Weather is Just the Weather Paid Member

    A teaching from Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle RetreatNot only is it of profound importance for each of us to understand in a deep way the law of impermanence but it’s also quite practical. It’s not merely metaphysical or something to be argued about in philosophy seminars and coffee shops. Learning the law of impermanence can be done there, too, but the Buddhist teaching is designed to help us learn how to live. More »
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    Reclaiming Faith Paid Member

    Why a book on faith? The first time I taught a workshop on faith, my listeners sat for a while in stony silence. Then somebody blurted out, "I came to Buddhism to get away from all this shit." I was startled! People started talking about their painful experiences with faith. To some of them it meant blindly adhering to a dogma, a lot of negative self-judgment, or the fear of being condemned for not having enough faith or the "right" kind. But that's not what faith has to imply. Rather than merely replace "faith" with a word people might feel more at ease with, such as "trust," I hope to reclaim it, and to face the discomfort the word evokes head on. More »