Tantric Buddhism, charting the "fast path" to realization
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    Postcard from Tibet Paid Member

    Lying alone in an unheated hut on the shores of Namtso Lake in central Tibet, I spent a sleepless night contemplating death. Maybe it was the altitude or the exhaustion, but mortality suddenly didn’t seem so bad. My personal and karmic accounts felt settled. I had made countless offerings to the Buddha in the prior days and sent postcards off to most everyone I loved. I had left letters for my family back home. I recalled a particularly touching birthday celebration the month before my departure, and thought it might be fitting if it were my last. More »
  • No Adaptation Required Paid Member

    Tantric (Vajrayana) Buddhism, according to American-born teacher and translator Sangye Khandro, does not need to be adjusted for Westerners. Still, she says, Western seekers often struggle to receive full transmission and find proper instruction; or they run up against cultural misunderstandings, translation issues, and other obstacles to accomplishment. She sees these impediments as separate from the practice itself which, whether encountered in Tibet or the West, can enlighten sincere practitioners. More »
  • Don't Worry, Be Angry Paid Member

    Buddhists often shame each other for expressing anger. But getting in touch with our anger is vital. If we aim to engage destructive social structures, as we must, our efforts will bring us into direct relationship with anger and outrage. At its worst, anger burns us up, injures others, or, when we repress it, collapses us into depression. In the spiritual realm, it can also become passive aggression, which either internalizes as the hyper-energized inner critic or projects out onto those who are "not following the rules.” More »
  • Across the Expanse Paid Member

    This interview with the scholar-practitioner Anne Carolyn Klein was originally published in the July–December issue of Mandala, a magazine run by the nonprofit organization Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition. We are republishing it here because of its excellent discussion of transmission, the secularization of Tibetan Buddhism as it has come West, and other ideas that speak practically and directly to the experiences of Western dharma practitioners. —Eds. More »
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    Under One Umbrella Paid Member

    Buddhism: One Teacher, Many TraditionsBy The Dalai Lama and Thubten ChodronWisdom Publications, 2014352 pp.; $29.95 (Cloth)  More »
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    Obsession and Madness on the Path to Enlightenment Paid Member

    Retreat Yurts at Diamond Mountain Arizona.  How much should someone strive to know their own soul? More »