The Tantric Buddhism of the Himalayas; its best-known teacher is the Dalai Lama
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    Looking Back, Looking Forward Paid Member

    The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China: A Political History of the Tibetan Institution of ReincarnationBy Peter SchwiegerColumbia University Press, 2015352 pp.; $50.00 (Cloth) A Historical Atlas of TibetBy Karl E. RyavecThe University of Chicago Press, 2015216 pp.; $45.00 (Cloth) Consider the following scene: More »
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    Obsession and Madness on the Path to Enlightenment Paid Member

    Retreat Yurts at Diamond Mountain Arizona.  How much should someone strive to know their own soul? More »
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    Awake with Others Paid Member

    Early Buddhist texts, as translated, have a tendency to place a surprisingly negative spin on the notion of existing in the “world.” Worldly life is often depicted as a dirty realm inhabited by those still caught up in their samsaric commute, those blinded by activities of commerce and romance, those who have yet to get serious about the spiritual journey. Before we start thinking that Buddhism is some world-denouncing pursuit, we have to understand the cultural context of such ancient statements. More »
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    from Martin Scorsese Eighty years. A long time . . . the blink of an eye. When I had the precious honor of telling your story in moving images, you opened my eyes. I will always be thankful to you. What can I wish you on this occasion? What I wish for the world: courage, energy, focus, clarity, patience, compassion. My very best wishes on the occasion of your 80th birthday. Martin Scorsese is an award-winning American film director and producer. _____ from Daniel Goleman More »
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    Transcending TibetThrough April 12, 2015Rogue Space, New York Tserang Dhundrup's Gold iPhone sums up the contradictions of modern urban life in Lhasa. Organizing an art show around a geographic region or ethnic group is treacherous: it can easily result in a grouping of works that otherwise have nothing in common or, worse, reinforce unwanted stereotypes. Transcending Tibet—presented by the Trace Foundation in partnership with Arthub Asia—is alert to these dangers and does a good job of avoiding most of them. More »
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    “I’ve been meditating for some time, but my mind seems just as chaotic and confused as when I started. Am I doing something wrong?” Almost everyone who practices meditation has similar concerns, no matter how long they’ve been doing it—whether three weeks, three years, or three decades. When students confront me with the progress question, I just try to redirect their attention. I’ve found that the best thing is for them to just keep practicing. More »