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37 Practices of the Bodhisattva - Verse 1

Ken McLeod

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Ken McLeod begins his commentary on Thogme Zhangpo's 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva. Watch the introduction to the series here.

Right now, you have a good boat, fully equipped and available — hard to find.
To free others and you from the sea of samsara,
Day and night, fully alert and present,
Study, reflect, and meditate — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

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Christine Murphy's picture

Thank you for the teachings - it is nice to focus on one verse at a time and to be able to contemplate thatt .........Christine

ryan_dizon's picture

Thank you so much for the teaching and challenge Ken..enlightenening as always

starpathmontana's picture

Listened to the Introduction & Verse 1 & am looking forward to the next session. A regular day & place of posting would be helpful.

carole.milligan's picture

Having seen the Introduction a little more than a week ago, I tuned in again for Verse 1 and 2 but don't find any videos. Have they disappeared? Are they supposed to be available? Thanks.

Tracy Ormond's picture

Brief but as always, to the point. With the huge traffic of information that surrounds us and the daily overload of the mind with life, it is good to take one point at a time, study and reflect. Thank you.

steph.mohan's picture

I am inspired and encouraged by Buddha's teachings to practice every moment I can.....whether sitting, standing or lying down....and with gratitude for your teachings Ken I am reminded to be grateful that i am able to do so.....;)

starpathmontana's picture

Thank You! Brief, pithy & relevant to our struggles with practice being &
in today's world.

mobrien17's picture

There are moments of appreciation for the opportunity to practice although admittedly they are fleeting. In thinking about the time spent in actual practice on the cushion, it occurs to me that it's not about the amount of time but rather quality of that time spent in mediation. The quality of my meditation needs constant attention and assistance. Your teachings are helping in this.'s picture

thank you! many blessings~

jdgranneman's picture

Thank you for your teachings Mr. McLeod! I look forward to part 3