Pure Land (Shin)

Mahayana school whose central figure is Amitabha, Buddha of the Infinite Light
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    The Japanese Art of Self-Reflection: Naikan and the Buddhist Path to Gratitude, Grace, and Faith Paid Member

    Nearly every spiritual tradition encourages self-reflection. But how do you actually do it? And how to squeeze it into your already crowded to-do list? Naikan therapy, a Japanese method that is rooted in Buddhist teachings, addresses these questions with precise instructions on how to examine yourself and your most meaningful relationships. In shifting us from a complaint-based life to a gratitude-based one, Naikan reveals the myriad ways in which we are supported and cared for every day. This new tool for self-reflection will not only help you better understand your thought processes and those of others but will also restore your willingness to identify and trust the forces that exist beyond the chatter in your head. More »
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    Someone Is Jealous of You Paid Member

    The Golden Girl—that’s what my sister and I called the most popular girl in our town. We’d become very jealous of her on account of her many admirers, one of whom was our very own father. We pained to hear him praise her beauty, talent, and intelligence, wondering to ourselves, “Dad, does that mean you’re embarrassed by your daughters for being ugly, unskilled, and stupid?” More »
  • A Big Gay History of Same-sex Marriage in the Sangha Paid Member

    Buddhist same-sex marriage was born in the USA. That’s a little known but significant fact to reflect on now, just after the Supreme Court has declared legal marriage equality throughout the country. Appropriately enough, it all started in San Francisco, and was conceived as an act of love, not activism. The first known Buddhist same-sex marriages took place in the early 1970s, at the Buddhist Church of San Francisco. Founded in 1899, it’s the oldest surviving temple in the mainland United States. It’s also part of the oldest Buddhist organization outside Hawaii: the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA), part of the Shin tradition of Pure Land Buddhism. More »
  • It Needs Saying Paid Member

    It should not need saying. After all, it's obvious. Nonetheless it does need saying. It needs saying because it has been denied by so many people including many who are eminent and even some whose own roles, behavior, and faith contradict what they are saying. It needs saying clearly, that Buddhism is a religion. More »
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    Into the Valley Paid Member

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    Taitetsu Unno, Shin Buddhist Scholar and Minister, Dies at 85 Paid Member

    Rev. Dr. Taitetsu Unno—one of the world's preeminent scholars of Jodo Shinshu (Shin) Buddhism and a longtime minister in that tradition—passed away on Saturday, December 13. He was 85 years old.  Unno's final moments were spent surrounded by friends and family, including his son Mark, who describes his father's enduring equanimity and gratitude: More »