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An Uncommon King


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19sdb47's picture

Thank you for making this wonderful film. I was deeply touched and inspired when I watched it. So many important ways of being offered.

dalic's picture

Really enjoyed this film. I was a bit lost at the beginning, but when I finally got into it, was a real learning experience about Shambhala. I am still trying to learn my way around all the Buddhist traditions, as a newbie student of the philosophy and religion. I was really impressed with this one, and intend to follow it closely. Thank you very much for showing this film.

wideawake's picture

thank you so much for this. what a gem.. this basic goodness concept is like a joy virus... just holding it in awareness destroys the concept of original sin and seems to rearrange dna and probably cures cancer too. I have read about it many times but something happened when I watched this and it went way deeper. at the end when he said he has to be the sakyong my mind said: and I have to be me, and I felt: I will rise to this, we will rise to this. Faith, hope, courage all arose.

Johanna Lunn's picture

I have goose bumps reading this... I am so grateful! And I love the idea of a joy virus!

koshin's picture

This is wonderful! How does one buy a DVD of this one, wow!

This documentary is a wonderful addition to the tradition and to the life of his Father. I have been deeply moved by watching this film. Deep bows of thanks and compassion to all beings. I work in four prisons with meditation groups through the Milwaukee Zen Center, I hope I can show this film to them someday soon. Peace ko shin

Johanna Lunn's picture

...and a deep bow to you! An Uncommon King is available on iTunes and the DVD is available through Shambhala Media

I truly hope you have many deep and wonderful conversations around this film! Thank you so much for your interest and support.

Kunga.Chodzin's picture

Living in a small Shambhala community it is easy to begin to feel disconnected from my lineage, and from my heart. So for me, this film, filled me with joy and a reminder that Shambhala is more than a personal path. Shambhala is a family, and this family has a vision of essential gentleness and connectedness through the knowledge that we all deserve each other, and this planet, and that indeed this planet and human family deserve us.

Thank you for this work, thank you for reminding me.

savtagee's picture

I am so grateful to learn about this lineage. I was so resistant to the pomp and cultish feelings.. and now I understand how deep the background and how honest this ancient path is.
Being Gentle in times of penetrated so deeply. Giving myself permission to believe that I am born with basic Goodness and that I am not trying to make a bad thing good. So rich this production..
thank you again

Johanna Lunn's picture

I am deeply touched by your experience. Thank you so much for sharing it!