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Happiness for No Reason: Awakening Essence Love


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With his lively, humorous and insightful way of teaching the time tested and ever relevant truths of dharma, Tsoknyi Rinpoche explores how we can uncover and nurture the basic spark of our buddhanature amidst this speedy modern world and our active lives.

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Meg's picture

I would wish this basic yet pithy teaching, admirably clarified, could become widely available, just as Rinpoche gives it here, perhaps in Tricycle's Wisdom Collection? Or Rinpoche's Web site or even You Tube?
In any case, I'm grateful to have received it.

dragonfleye's picture

Lovely message about the child heart & adult mind - care & right understanding around trauma. Liked the 'real but not true' mantra - acknowledgement of what's occurring or has occurred coupled with the recognition we can choose not to be defined by events & our reactions. And then finally a little gem on being wary of cozy dharma. Thank you tsoknyi

sharmila2's picture

lovely talk; the concept of "mere I" and "social I" was new to me, but described the modern dilemma and my own suffering and craving so beautifully. worth the festival pass all by itself.

Caron Miller's picture

While he was talking, I keep thinking to myself 'what a sweetie pie'! I'm a southern girl, so that is the way my mind works. I experienced him as being so real. So authentic. So genuine. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn from such a wonderful teacher.

CelticPurl's picture

Wonderful.. so much knowledge given in a way that we can all relate to with humor, kindness and love. Thank You