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Sacred Earth: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet


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Tsoknyi Rinpoche presents his perspective on our relationship to mother earth and they ways in which Buddhists can positively contribute to minimizing the impacts of climate change by integrating compassion while addressing this challenge.

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What a sweet and humorous way of describing human discontent, it's origins, and it's effects! I bow to Tsoknyi Rinpoche!

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Oh thank you for this beautiful, clear and lucid teaching. We are so caught in our heads and ideas here in the US - I am so happy to hear a teacher lay out the simple fact that if we are in touch with our pure hearts, then we won't need to "work" at being environmentalists - we will simply BE good and responsible environmental stewards. A million thanks. peace, KDP

unystrom's picture

Beautifully put. Only - I would have liked to see real cups instead of plastic bottles and a cardboard cup....
This just shows you that it's not easy to change these small habits of ours. Convenience rules....

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I noticed that as well. Very true unystrom.

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The ecological emergency we face is the most by far the most urgent crisis of our time. Thank you for witnessing to it here.

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First,Tsoknyi Rinpoche thank you for your insightful discussion relating dharma to pollution, greed, and attachment. I am concurrently reading for the second time ' Essentials of Mahamudra ' by my primary and great teacher Thrangu Rinpoche, as well as ' Open Heart Open Mind ' by Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and ' Rebel Buddha ' by Dsogchen Ponlop. We benefit from the great masters who are able to give us the pure teachings of our lineages with great authority. However, The next generation of teach us how to relate dharma to our modern cultures. I appreciate and greatly respect both.