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arthureidsaunet's picture

Gene was a genious.
Gene reached his target, and went on to next level.
Defend his legacy: Work for peace, reconciliation and understanding in, and with China.
I find it natural to support Tibetan culture, Buddhist practice and Buddhist freedom; and also
Tibetan autonomy in China, if China is a people's republic, people should decide..................

worthmoremusic's picture

Amazing documentary and journey... Thank you Gene Smith for the many years of research and thank you to all involved in this brilliant film !

Kudos to Tricycle for including this one in your always wonderful Buddha Film Fest !


smnicc's picture

Interesting man, amazing project, and a wonderful documentary. Thank you to all involved for making it possible. It was made even more special for me to see so many of my teachers in the film - I had no idea some of them were involved in the translation work. Thanks for the revelation!

Dekyi's picture

FANTASTIC! Thanks for making this all possible, Gene. May you rest knowing that you have accomplished a remarkable life and helped many people learn about the Dharma. Bless you!!!

andy_kanter's picture

This is a really wonderful piece of work! It is amazing to think that those 12000 volumes can be reduced to some electrons that you can hold on a USB drive. It is like the mind, incomprehensibly large, yet each one of us carries it with us every day. I wish we can all have a copy of this work on our USB drives and one day within our own minds. Well done!

Dafna Yachin's picture

To everyone who watched Digital Dharma this week...
The production team at Lunchbox Communications wants to thank you for caring and thank Tricycle and BuddhaFest for their support in sharing E. Gene Smith's epic story!
For more information on helping to continue E. Gene Smith's work please visit: (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center) (Translating the Word's of the Buddha)
For more links and to help complete the 52-minute broadcast version of Digital Dharma go to:

larryblount's picture

What a wonderful film. Congratulations to all who made it happen. I look forward to seeing it on PBS. Thank you!

karma.sue's picture

What a wonderful documentary! I wasn't aware of this man's enormous contribution to the preservation of Tibetan culture; now I will never forget. Thank you so much for making this film available. Tashi Delek to you all! Karma Chodron

dalic's picture

Very interesting! Thank you for this story on the preservation of these beautiful and important texts!

Jonelle_k's picture


mpuenteduany's picture

What a fabulous and inspiring story! And what a beautiful and beautifully produced film! Thank you so much!

orientyourself's picture

An amazing story about what one human being can accomplish. Thank you for this moving and inspirational film.

mkwart's picture

The Chinese brought "democratic reforms" to Tibet. Really.

Kunga.Chodzin's picture

An amazing offering to this shrinking world-community. Thank you to everyone involved in this project.

markkemark's picture

Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it.

diane4's picture

Thank you so much for this beautiful film. We owe you a world of gratitude.
I love the USB filled with text that Gene gave his teacher, so the text would never be lost!

mobrien17's picture

A wonderful tribute to an extraordinary man. Thank you to all those who made this film possible - especially Gene Smith.

Dafna Yachin's picture

We had always hoped it would be Gene that would meet the screening audience in person and be here to answer your questions. Gene's unique guidance and friendship is forever missed.

gr82brees's picture

Totally worth staying up late! Thank you TRICYCLE and all the folks at digital dharma for making this fabulous documentary a part of Buddhafest Online! “Every flower [culture/religion] deserves to be not only preserved but to be cultivated, it’ll make us more human." ~E. Gene Smith

Dafna Yachin's picture

Thank you for watching. Our team loved Gene Smith's quote so much we put it on a magnet.
And thank you for mentioning our team. It is the film’s great production, post and scholarship team that made Digital Dharma a great medium to relay the epic life of Tibetologist E. Gene Smith. You can find the full cast and crew on the Digital Dharma Website but I want to recognize the key talent here:
DPs: Wade Mueller and Nandhakumar (Nandu), Co-Writer: Arthur Fischman, Senior Editor: Timothy Gates, Art Director: Andrea Bitai, Composer: Michael Aharon, Consulting Executive Producer: Bill Harris, Line Producer: Tamela Knapp, and
featured music by Philip Glass, Yungchen Lhamo and Ottmar Liebert

pchylewe's picture

A fascinating and beautiful tribute. Thank you for making it available.