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Bodhisattva - The Journey of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa


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Running June 18 - July 1

provides a rare look at the Seventeenth Gyalwa Karmapa, one of the most important lamas in the world of Tibetan Buddhism. Many view him as the natural successor to the Dalai Lama, and the face of Tibetan Buddhism for a new generation.

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zenja's picture

Thank you for a lovely film ,what a beautiful being!

lokkenliane's picture

I thought the film was wonderful.
The Karmapa was very human and direct. I feel as if I know him better.
This film wasn't about imparting some great new wisdom to add to our American affinity for collecting
spiritual snippets for our ego's fulfillment, it was about experiencing his visit to America.
I think his hosts were incredibly gracious and kind.
Getting a glimpse of this very young man, who is the head of my lineage, gives me great hope.
I believe he planting deep roots, and gaining the wisdom that only comes from age and experience.
He is growing beautifully into his role.

smnicc's picture

It was lovely to "meet" him!
Thanks for the opportunity.

gail.desautels's picture

An absolutely excellent film. I will be coming back to this, again and again!!! thank you so much :)l(:

beatrice's picture

Aww, Folks, all just the human elements.
He had a beautiful message.
What an exhausting tour!
His loving nature and intention came across.
Thank you for this opportunity.

cyberepa's picture

A new spititual force for our crazy planet!

jnanine's picture

Thanks Tricycle. Great film! I had the good fortune to attend many of the talks and this is a beautiful precious reminder. I remember that I could barely stop smiling in the presence of the Karmapa - I felt so much joy and love bubbling up from within.

debaney's picture

very attractive young man but a long ways from filling Dali Lama's robes - but wonder if he was still so thrilled to be in America during the choir singing some weird church-like song? Sorry but to me it was -Painful ...
guess I need to work on my compassion...

jackelope65's picture

Fortunately, the Karmapa had a sense of humor about his coke and latte to represent his familiarization with American customs. For Buddhists, particularly of the Kagyu lineage, his presence was very inspiring, particularly his interest in global issues, which may indicate that he will continue the very important work of the Dalai Lama. I gave my wife a similar adulating look as I served her the morning 'Britt ' coffee in bed as I love her very much.

unystrom's picture

Mrmojo, you have removed your question from yesterday. I thought it was valid and interesting, and I was looking forward to seeing others thoughts of it.

katiem's picture

I enjoyed this film with great pleasure. I felt as if I was able to witness a sacred event, but without Tricycle I wouldn't have seen it. Thank you very much.

mjt_colo's picture

I agree totally, and had the same impression. I am so grateful to be able to have seen this.

mrmojo's picture


unystrom's picture

I can't explain it but I found the adulating faces of the audience disturbing. Too much pomp and brocade...
And what did we all think of that little snippet of advertising? He dutifully took a sip.... of the "right kind" of coffee....

susan.hopkinson5's picture

I have to agree with you! So much superficiality - the documentary was quite shallow and not terribly insightful, aside from what you point out was a slightly out-of-place mawkishness. At times HHK did not even seem very comfortable with the various performances in his honour.