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Being Awake in the Word


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"Is social conscience a prerequisite for Buddhahood?" The answer for Pannavati is a resounding yes! In this talk she looks at compassionate wisdom-in-action as an instrument by which we can measure our inner and outer buddhanature.

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drampy48's picture

As much as I appreciate Venerable Pannavati and all of her wisdom, I am saddened because the teens who were representing Inward Bound Mindfulness, and who spoke so eloquently and wisely, were completely cut out of the video. They spoke of what it means to them to be awake and mindful in the world, and worked very hard on their mini Dharma talks and one even sung a beautiful song at the end of her talk. I paid fifty or so dollars to view this video, hoping to see my daughter and her friends speak, and again, as much as I like Pannavati, I am so disappointed I couldn't see my daughter speak. My wife couldn't make it to the festival, as she was at work, and she so desperately wanted to see our child. I am very sad, and feel taken advantage of by Tricycle. There is a lack of mindfulness regarding what this site means when they say "view the FULL video." So much disappointment in them paying no mind to the teens and the organization they represented.

meditatortoo's picture

Wow !!

mvhauwaert's picture

I believe having found here an example of how to unfold the buddhanature in its practical way. It's full of generosity and beautiful surprises (having not been informed before and because of the spontaneity). It's "going inside with a big mind". How wisdom can be very practical and fill our hearts, instead of being something that belongs only to some sages. It showed me how I was vertiginously away from the ground of stability she shows. Thank you. I can take action on that.

henrikn's picture

Pannavati is a real breath of fresh air. I have never heard a Buddhist speak like she does, so great.