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Tricycle | BuddhafestWelcome to the fourth annual Tricycle | BuddhaFest Online Film Festival!

Over the next seven weeks, we’ll fill this page with the latest Buddhist feature films, dharma talks, and exclusive director interviews from this year’s BuddhaFest. See our festival guide for the complete lineup.

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Feature Films

Free the Mind

"Free the Mind" follows Steve, an ex-interrogator, and Rich, a battalion leader in Iraq and Afghanistan, as they struggle with PTSD upon their return home from war. They meet brain scientist Richard Davidson, who is conducting an unusual experiment: By teaching Buddhist-inspired practices to veterans, he explores their capacities to ease pain and help people find happiness. Can meditation and yoga succeed where often medication does not?

Feature Films

American Rimpoche: A Tibetan Lama in the 21st Century

The documentary "American Rimpoche" tells the story of Gelek Rimpoche, among the last of the living lamas to have been educated in Tibet. Gelek Rimpoche’s story is a mirror of America’s romance with Tibet and the assimilation of its unique treasures.

Feature Films

The Whale

Narrated by the actor Ryan Reynolds, "The Whale" tells the story of a young killer whale—an orca—nicknamed Luna, who loses contact with his family on the coast of British Columbia, turning up alone in a narrow stretch of sea called Nootka Sound. Orcas are social creatures who live with their families throughout their lives; if separated, they usually fade away and die. Luna, however, survives against the odds, befriending the people of Nootka Sound.

Feature Films

Unmistaken Child

"Unmistaken Child" follows a young Tibetan Buddhist monk, Tenzin Zopa, as he scours tiny villages along the Nepal-China border in search of the reincarnation of his beloved teacher, the world-renowned lama Geshe Lama Konchog. Doubting his ability to acurately find and recognize the reincarnation of an enlightened master, Tenzin Zopa is daunted by the task, for which he alone seems responsible.

Feature Films

Unlikely Friends

From award-winning filmmaker Leslie Neale, "Unlikely Friends" documents victims of brutal crimes who, through the power of forgiveness, unexpectedly become friends with their perpetrators. The victims forgive out of a need to heal themselves, which in turn motivates their perpetrators to fully account for their actions and begin a process of true rehabilitation.

Feature Films

Olo, the Boy from Tibet

TRAILER | "Olo, the Boy from Tibet" tells the story of a 10-year-old Tibetan who leaves his family and flees his homeland alone—at the age of 6. Now Olo lives in a boarding school in northern India, among other refugees. The moving documentary follows Olo's life among a community of exiled Tibetans over a three-year period, and asks: What is country? What is culture? What is it to live?

Dharma Talks

Allan Lokos: Through the Flames

Almost two years ago, teacher Allan Lokos and his wife were in a plane crash while traveling in Myanmar. Lokos suffered injuries so severe that many doctors concluded he would not survive. In this talk, Lokos discusses how Buddhist practices helped him accomplish a recovery that medical opinion believed was impossible. He speaks about personal determination, impermanence, and pain.

Dharma Talks

Gelek Rimpoche: The Generosity of Bodhisattvas as a Way of Life

The perfection of generosity is not limited to bodhisattvas. Renowned incarnate Tibetan lama Gelek Rimpoche discusses the benefits and qualities of the bodhisattva level of generosity and inspire us to be able to develop that same quality.

Dharma Talks

Tara Brach: Removing the Armor—Letting Love Flow Freely

In this talk, psychologist Tara Brach embraces the Summer Solstice—which occurred on June 21—and speaks about abundance, re-creation, generosity, gratitude, and the vitality of the sun’s energy. She also talks about how our hearts awaken to unconditional loving as we release the armoring against change and loss.

Dharma Talks

Joan Halifax: Shedding Light on Courage in Buddhism

What does it mean to stop—to really stop—and actualize the courage of compassion in our lives? Zen Buddhist priest Joan Halifax talks about integrity, stability, resilience, and compassion—qualities all necessary for engaged Buddhism—and how stopping to reflect helps strengthen these qualities.

Dharma Talks

Fleet Maull: Dharma at the Edge

In this talk, Acharya Fleet Maull speaks about his experience in a different kind of charnel ground: the federal prison that he called home for 14 years. After his release, Maull continued practicing, teaching, and serving in the “shadow realms” of our society—jails, prisons, streets, and places of violence and genocide.