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BuddhaFest Online Film FestivalWelcome to the fifth annual Tricycle | BuddhaFest Online Film Festival!

Over the next seven weeks, we’ll fill this page with the latest Buddhist feature films and dharma talks from this year’s BuddhaFest. See our festival guide for the complete lineup.

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Feature Films

Babaeth Vanloo

Khandro: A Woman’s Path of Peace

Khandro: A Woman’s Path of Peace portrays the life of Mindrolling Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche, who is a rare example of a woman lama in Tibetan Buddhism.

View Film June 15-August 2
Feature Films

Tina Mascara & Guido Santi

Monk with a Camera

Nicholas Vreeland walked away from a worldly life of privilege to become a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Grandson of legendary Vogue editor, Diana Vreeland, and trained by Irving Penn to become a photographer, Nicholas' life changed drastically upon meeting a Tibetan master, one of the teachers of the Dalai Lama.

View Film June 22-August 2
Feature Films

Patrick van Boeckel

Giving Life to Life

Zen teacher, activist, anthropologist, and author Joan Halifax has come to exemplify many of the developments in Buddhism in America. She is the founder of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, her base from which she travels extensively on teaching and humanitarian trips around the world, and she is a leader in working with people in the final phase of life. Filmed on location in New Mexico, Holland, Nepal and Germany.

View Film July 6-August 2
Feature Films

Gaetano Kazuo Maida

Peace is Every Step—Meditation In Action: The Life and Work of Thich Nhat Hanh

The classic film profile of renowned Vietnamese Buddhist teacher, author, activist and Nobel Peace Prize-nominee Thich Nhat Hanh.

View Film June 29-August 2
Feature Films

David Cherniack

Dharma Rising

This film will look through the eyes of the first generation of Western Dharma teachers at how that adaptation is taking shape within a culture that runs on the engines of competition and greed, where many consider cruelty to be kindness and ignorance to be knowledge.

View Film July 13-August 2
Feature Films

George Schouten and Babeth M. VanLoo

The Devotion of Matthieu Ricard

This intimate portrait follows Matthieu as he continues the work of his late teacher, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, and shows him in all aspects of his extraordinary and inspirational life. Featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (and his young reincarnation Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche), Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche, Kangyur Rinpoche; etc.

View Film July 20-August 2
Dharma Talks

Sharon Salzberg, Ali Smith, Atman Smith and Andres Gonzalez

Bringing Our Practice Out into the World: Lessons from Baltimore

The Holistic Life Foundation is bringing mindfulness and yoga to the inner city of Baltimore, including to youth and the elderly. Sharon Salzberg and the founders discuss taking our practice off the cushion and engaging the world with it.

View Talk June 15-August 2
Dharma Talks

Matthieu Ricard

Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World

A talk by Matthieu Ricard

View Talk June 22-August 2
Dharma Talks

David Gelles, George Mumford & Mark Tercek

How Mindfulness is Transforming Workplaces

A talk by New York Times writer David Gelles about his new book, Mindful Work. David then does one-on-one interviews with longtime meditation teacher George Mumford, mindfulness trainer for the New York Knicks (formerly with the World Champion LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls), and author of the new book, The Mindful Athlete: Secrets of Pure Performance; and Mark Tercek, President & CEO of The Nature Conservancy, the world's largest environmental organization.

View Talk June 29-August 2
Dharma Talks

Michaela Haas

Dakini Power: Extraordinary Women Shaping Tibetan Buddhism in the West

Michaela Haas honors the lives and accomplishments of some of the most influential female pioneers of Buddhism in the West with an engaging slide show. Dakini is a Sanskrit word meaning female messenger of wisdom. The women featured in Dakini Power —contemporary teachers such as Pema Chodron, Khandro Rinpoche, Tenzin Palmo, and others—followed their intuition against all odds, made dramatic and unusual decisions, and sometimes had to fight for their survival in order to lead the lives they envisioned.

View Talk July 6-August 2
Dharma Talks

Tara Brach, angel Kyodo williams Sensei, Eleanor Hancock and Femi Akinnagbe

Beloved Community: Healing What Separates Us

Tara Brach gives a talk, followed by a panel discussion that includes Tara, Zen priest angel Kyodo williams Sensei, Eleanor Hancock of White Awake and Femi Akinnagbe of Common Ground. Attendees then have an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings on this important topic.

View Talk July 13-August 2
Dharma Talks

angel Kyodo williams Sensei

Embodied Life, Liberated Life: Manifesting Dharma Through Presence

Studying the dharma is good. Practicing the dharma is essential. Embodying the dharma is profound. angel Sensei will open space for an engaging conversation and simple exercises that help us manifest the liberating power of the dharma through our very presence. Tap into the deep wisdom of the body to reveal your most powerful expression of the dharma, here and now.

View Talk July 20-August 2