August 04, 2009

Where is the largest stone carved Buddha in the world?

I'd never think to ask myself the question, but the Examiner's Stephanie Sherrill has the answer:

The world’s largest stone carved Buddha is located in Leshan, China. This Giant Buddha (also called Dafo) is a 233 feet (71 meters) tall statue of a sitting Maitreya Buddha. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was carved in AD 713 to calm the rivers that run along the feet of Buddha.

This Buddha sports "1021 twisted hair buns—each one the size of a table—23ft (7m) long ears and an 18ft (5.6m) nose."

And it costs only $10 to visit.

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James Shaheen's picture

Wow! These are great! Thank you, I'll post them.

Sharon Saw's picture

yeah.. there's a cool youtube video of HE Tsem Tulku Rinpoche at Leshan...there are 2 parts, here's part 1 and part 2 is at

Take a look!! Amazing..