August 15, 2010

When our spiritual journey begins

ponlop rinpoche, rebel buddha, tricycle book club

Only when we have a genuine, abiding desire to free ourselves from suffering and all its causes does our spiritual journey begin. That original desire is very potent and very real. It is the basis upon which we enter the path that will lead us to our goal. Yet from the point of view of the Vajrayana, or tantric, school of Buddhism, there is no place to go on that path, no end of the road where we will one day satisfy our thirst for liberty. Why? Because the very thing that we are looking for—freedom, wakefulness, enlightenment—is right here with us all the time.

Adapted from a 2004 talk given by the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. To read the complete talk, visit Young Tibet Online.

This October, Ponlop Rinpoche will be discussing his upcoming book, Rebel Buddha, online at the Tricycle Book Club. We hope you can join us then!

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Ada Novak's picture

I have found, that this is so very true. All that I need is with-in me! However, my journey is more of self discovery. How do I master my mind to let go of all the chatter and anxiety that we have become accustomed to? In a society, specially in the West, where it's all about our image and who has complished what and how much you have. It is difficult to strip ourselves to the bare and really look, not with our eyes, but with our hearts.
This is my journey for now. It has proven to be a difficult one. Mostly, because I am becoming aware that everything that I need is right here with me, but for now, I just can't seem to get out of my own way!