March 03, 2011

What kind of Buddhist iPhone app do you want?

For the past few years our Daily Dharma recipients have been clamoring for a Daily Dharma iPhone app; others ask when we'll be coming out with Tricycle for the iPad  (very expensive, and unlike Wired, we're not likely to get Adobe to help us out here).

With religious apps growing in popularity—from Buddhist meditation timers to a Catholic app called "Confession" (you still have to show up in person but it helps you keep track)—I've been thinking about possible Tricycle iPhone apps our members might find useful. So far, we're considering Daily Dharma most seriously but I figured I'd put it out there and see what people come up with. So if you comment, make a suggestion. And don't worry, the app will be free! If you've got an Android, that would likely follow. Of course, you'll have sign up for Daily Dharma first!

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junshin's picture

What about a Tricycle app for android users??

stanoly30's picture

I'd love to be able to view the retreats on an app: android please

annadent's picture

There are many apps for Buddhism that you can use, such as Buddhist Meditation Trainer, Buddha Quotes 500 and many more, these are all compatible for iPhone and iPad. It is good that you all have synchronize idea, from what you are and what you wanted in your belongings. Anyway, have you also tried an idea of having a personalize ipad case printed with your favorite Buddhism quotations? This sounds awesome when you have this printed on your devices. Like many others, they are doing personalize and customized device cases according to what they wants and what they are.

Anna Dent

veldra's picture

What's happening with the App ?


Alex Caring-Lobel's picture

Stay tuned... We'll make an official announcement this fall.

—Alex Caring-Lobel, Associate Editor

veldra's picture

Hi Alex.

iOS 7 is here. Any updates on the App?

Thank you

veldra's picture

As a Buddhist, i am always keen to learn more about the Dharma and I have just joined tricycle and subscribed to the digital magazine.

As an iPad user who reads via Apps, iBooks and listens to audiobooks, it will be great if the Tricycle digital magazine can be incorporated via the newsstand app or via a standalone app to better read the magazine.

In fact, I'd would be willing to pay extra to have this function.
Any possibilities we can see this happening soon, please?

Thank you.

stanoly30's picture

Ditto on an android app for tricycle.

lucaleo321's picture

With the fasted increasing form of software development in new history, an iPhone App developer require making sure their App outshine their competitors & is of the highest excellence.

mbortel's picture

My wish would be for an ipad edition of the Tricycle magazine. An iphone edtion of the Daily Dharma would be good. As silcarry says, "anthing would be appreciated."

Marc4a's picture

I am a supporting member and would very much like to read the digital edition of Tricycle on my IPad. When selecting the digital edition I get a black blank screen and nothing else. I wrote customer service and here is what they told me......"You have to open the digital edition using the file format EPUB or MOBI for iPads". Not sure what this means exactly.

Can any body provide a few details as to how I can simply read Tricycle on my iPad?

pavan.inbliss's picture

I have just sent them the same reply. The ePub format is the iTunes format, but the blank screen that you mention gives us no options? And the only option it gives us is to view digital edition, while the iPad I think always asks us what we would like to open the books in....whether iBooks or adobe reader.....
As soon as I get some help from the magazine and if I am able to view it, then I shall post it immediately..
Much joy

capri.rasmussen's picture

Please get an ipad version of tricycle magazine.

TomGarner's picture

TriCycle Magazine would be great:)
And maybe some apps to watch TV online free, just like this one:

kenpyle's picture

an iPad version of TriCycle Magazine's picture

Is there an actual published API for interfacing with the site and site content? I sent a couple emails to Tricycle back in 11/2010 but never got a response. I'd love to put something together.


inco9nito's picture

Please, if you build on Daily Dharma, have references and public domain sutras and essays, so it's not a quote only app.

alidalb's picture

Yup - that's what i'd use an iphone app for: daily dharma quotes and essays that i could trace back to origins; and a wonderful and frequent reminder to put the darn thing (iphone) DOWN and find 2 seconds of still point. Resources I have, wake up calls i need! thanks!

thedavidhooker's picture

I agree with s.songstress, an Iphone app that gives you full access to the Tricycle database & account integration would be fantastic!

James Shaheen's picture

@s.songstress - Android: Okay, okay, I did mention it and most app people don't, right? Point taken and great ideas!

@silcarry - thanks for your enthusiasm!

@ Wisdom Moon - "You are dying" is a good one. It'd be free advice, of course.

Wisdom Moon's picture

I want an iphone app that stops you using your iphone so much, saving much precious human life from being wasted on trivialities. Perhaps it could say in big letters on the screen 'You are dying - you need to practise Dharma and put this stupid device down. Go meditate or study.


silcarry's picture

I'd love it!!!!! Whatever you come up with will appreciated.

s.songstress's picture

Android. Android Android Android. :) There's more of us than iPhone users -- pretty please?

As for what I'd want - integration with my online account, access to Tricycle's online article database and ability to comment, Upcoming Events in the worldwide sangha, a fully optional location-based system where we could find other local Buddhists or just share locations... And the Daily Dharma, of course!

I like to dream big. I don't need another meditation timer or a copy of the texts. I already have those. But give me a way to engage with my online sangha and I'll be all over it. In fact, I'd even pay to have it!