April 04, 2011

What are the Five Hindrances?

Sharon Salzberg's opening remarks from her Tricycle Retreat on The Five Hindrances, which begins today,

I wanted to talk about The Five Hindrances in this retreat because they are such common experiences that we all have while meditating, simply because they are common experiences we all have while living. Just as our meditation practice mirrors our actual lives, so too we find these same mental qualities coming up.

These states, which are desire, attachment, aversion (anger or fear), sleepiness/restlessness, and doubt, come up so often. We tangle with them a lot. Their arising is not the problem, it's our relationship with them that's the problem. When we get overwhelmed, consumed, and/or defined by these states, that's when they become hindrances.

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Anreal's picture

Is there no way a transcript of videos can be provided. Some of us who do not live in the Northern Hemisphere quite simply do not have the capacity to run many videos without hindrance. Would be much appreciated if those 'less fortunate' than the first world can gain some good from this as well. It sounds fascinating but I can't watch it without delays.
Thanks. :)

Monty McKeever's picture

Hi Anreal,

I'm very sorry to hear about your technical hindrance.

There are no transcripts available at this time but we have transcribed some of the past retreats and will look into the possibility of having the current one transcribed as well.

In the meantime, it may help to download this flash player ( www.vimeo.com/help/flash ) and, if you don't use it already, to download and use Mozilla Firefox as your primary internet browser. In my experience, Firefox works a lot better than most other browsers I've tried.


Tharpa Pema's picture

Thank you for sharing your difficulties. As a resident of the Northern Hemishpere, I had no idea others were having such problems.

I hope Tricycle will think of a way to help.

In friendship, Linda

elyarchaeology's picture

Good analogies, look forward to the retreat.