September 17, 2012

Week 3 of Shinzen's Mindfulness Retreat: Mindfulness the Path Part 1

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This week Shinzen continues his retreat What Is Mindfulness? with a double dose of teachings on applying mindfulness skills to fundamental issues of human happiness and freedom from suffering.

Part 1 of his discussion of Mindfulness the Path starts today and Part 2 begins on Thursday. 

Part 1 takes on a range of issues involved in applying the three core skills of mindfulness, concentration, sensory clarity and equanimity. He explains how breath meditation is but one possible focus object that allows us to distinguish resistance from pain itself. He goes on to explore how mental reactions and physical discomforts are capable of being disssected and seperated thus opening ourselves to see clearly all the elements involved in our experience of pain. Later, Shinzen shows how exploring particular focus objects grants the opportunity to derive lasting fulfillment from our pleasures and ultimately know ourselves at the deepest level.

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Here's a preview:


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