April 09, 2012

Week 2 of Sylvia Boorstein's Retreat Begins Today!

This post contains video. View the retreat preview for week 2 now

Week 2 of Sylvia Boorstein's Tricycle Retreat begins today! The talk for this week is titled Ethics: The Bliss of Blamelessness.

Thanks to those of you are sharing thoughts and questions on our discussion board following the retreat, it really helps bring these talks to life.

For those of you just tuning in, the retreat is called, "The Whole of Life as Practice," guiding us through the Metta Sutta as a focal point for exploring the Buddha's teachings on morality, mental disciple, and wisdom. Sylvia's short article in our Spring 2012 issue highlighted the retreat, which can be read here.

If you haven't signed up as a Sustaining or Supporting Member, please do so here to watch Sylvia's retreat—along with our other 28 previous retreat teachings!

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