April 20, 2011

Watch: Thanissaro Bhikkhu leads a Guided Meditation

Thanissaro Bhikkhu (accesstoinsight.org, dhammatalks.org), a monk in the Thai Forest tradition, recently came by the office and led us through a guided meditation,


Tricycle Wisdom Collection pieces by Thanissaro Bhikkhu:

Faith in Awakening

Power of Conviction 

The Joy of Effort

The Power of Judgment

Tricycle Retreat:

Thanissaro Bhikkhu on the 10 Perfections

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jim98's picture

Deep bow...

gdam209550's picture


Danzen's picture

Thank you Tricycle for bringing Thanissaro Bhikkhu`s guided meditation. I felt so at peace and calm after this meditation that i will try and carry this feeling with me all day.Good day.

jimbeezer55's picture

Yeh. That "Stampede". I'll re-enforce my "Stampede" reisistance today..

bblueskye's picture

That was very good. Thank you for sharing with us.