March 22, 2011

Watch beautiful video "108 Bowls: A Water Mala"

Happy World Water Day! In celebration of WWD, we're giving attention to water by watching "108 Bowls: A Water Mala." The beautiful video was produced by Hermitage Heart, an organization in Garrison, NY founded by Tricycle friend and contributor Bonnie Myotai Treace. From Hermitage Heart's website:

The 108 Bowls: A Water Mala is a special project involving "giving attention to water." Each water mala is a group of 108 people who place a small, specially made and dedicated ceramic bowl in their windowsill and keep it topped up with water. Each bowl is shaped at the Gristmill, exhibited and dedicated as a body of 108, and then goes out with a number inscribed on the bottom to the person who will practice with it. The bowls from various editions of the water malas are now in practice globally, with surprising results. Projects have been born, art has been exhibited, illnesses have shifted, communities challenged and changed—but the less easy to point to transformations will perhaps remain quiet, deep, and ineffable. It is my hope that everyone will someday be part of a Water Mala, both as a personal practice, and on behalf of the world's waters.



To order a water bowl and practice the koan of water, click here.

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