October 16, 2007

Vipassana Forum and Awakening 101

There's a new site out called the Vipassana Meditation Forum, run by the Irreverent Buddhist. Looks like it's getting a lot of action after only a few days alone, which is great.

Also came across the site Awakening 101, a self-guided tour of the Dharma. It included the cool pic below, from the Illustrated History of Buddhism.


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Matthew's picture

Hey Tricycle peeps,

Thanks for the link. I needed something productive to do whilst in hospital and vipassanaforum.net is the result

We had got to the third page of google results for the searches that mattered in ten days through a well designed and coherent site - with your help we are now on the first page, so thanks.

Most of the small but growing membership knew each other through a former incarnation of this forum at vipassanaforum.com which now redirects to the new site.

It's not our highest priority to be big however - actually that is not a priority at all - but to provide a highly functioning sane and grounded space for a digital Sangha of Buddhist inspired meditators to emerge.

In that space we will take refuge and support each other in understanding and practicing the Dhamma taught by Shakyamuni.

Please feel free to browse, lurk or join us.

May all beings - especially the human ones' because they hold the guns - attain peace.

In the Dhamma,

Matthew aka The Irreverent Buddhist