February 24, 2011

Videos: The Dalai Lama on Blind Faith, Marxism, and Worrying

These videos of the Dalai Lama teaching in Sikkim were just uploaded to YouTube. I am not sure when they were filmed.

via TaraOmBuddhaful,

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Dolgyal's picture

Any educated person will acknowledge that Marx was one of the west's greatest philosophers–practical application, as noted in the video, for example in Jyoti Basu's West Bengal–is another matter. From the point of view of a landless Indian peasant or perhaps the many whose children are forced into indentured labour for life, Marxist slogans make a lot of sense and show everyday compassion to the causes of suffering.
More to the point for the bourgeois cultists here, there's a lot of confusion over what genuine spirituality is among western people who sadly gravitate toward the renegade extremist sect spawned by the nutty Pobanka and his fanatic lineage.

Here is a testimonial story from the cult's website, it sounds more like theistic voodoo or totemism than dharma!
" Rodrigo Gonzalez says:
November 18, 2010 at 3:10 am
twice (the dolgyal spirit) saved me. once i was standing in front of our dharmacenter and a mad dog come running toward me.he had no intention to stop and so i prepared the he would bite me. a moment before he reached me a little baby cat -from no where stands in front of me and jumps on a tree. the mad dog stops and watched up to the tree. he did not bite me. without the cat 100% he had bite me. i believe until today( this happend 12 years ago) that the cat was protector (dolgyal) "

Wisdom Moon's picture

To add a further point: why does the Dalai Lama, a religious person, subscribe to an ideology that is against religion? Does anyone else see the contradiction here?

From the Wikipedia article 'criticism of religion':

[quote]According to Karl Marx, religion is a tool utilized by the ruling classes whereby the masses can shortly relieve their suffering via the act of experiencing religious emotions. It is in the interest of the ruling classes to instill in the masses the religious conviction that their current suffering will lead to eventual happiness. Therefore as long as the public believes in religion, they will not attempt to make any genuine effort to understand and overcome the real source of their suffering, which in Marx's opinion was their capitalist economic system[/quote]

Marx saw the cause of suffering as the capitalist economic system, whereas Buddha saw the cause of suffering to be a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of reality and had nothing to say about capitalism!

I'm surprised that no one has ever challenged the Dalai Lama over his confused and contradictory beliefs, but that tends to be the case - people are charmed by him without examining the substance of his statements.

Wisdom Moon's picture

There are a lot of inherent contradictions in the Dalai Lama's statement of being a 'Marxist Buddhist'. It reveals his synthesis of politics and religion. Marxism is politics and Buddhism is religion. They are like fire and water and do not mix - or rather they are like fire and gunpowder,because their mixing is extremely destructive.

Karl Marx's belief was that religion was a symptom of a sick society, an expression of economic injustice. This can be illustrated in no better way than in the pre-Chinese invasion Tibetan society where ordinary people were serfs and the monks were the ruling class who meted out barbaric punishments and death sentences contrary to Buddha's teachings. This cruelty is well documented. It is therefore somewhat strange that the Dalai Lama should declare himself to be Marxist, as feudal Tibet, a system he was part of, goes against the equality that Marx espoused. But there are further contradictions. How can the Dalai Lama claim to subscribe to the same system as Chairman Mao who destroyed Tibet and caused him to flee to a foreign country? How could their ideologies be the same? I'm wondering what the average Tibetan who was displaced would think about the Dalai Lama claiming kinship with Chairman Mao! Actually, the Dalai Lama expressed great admiration for Mao and even wrote a praise to him.


Marxism is a flawed political system whereas the flawless teachings of Buddha reveal an unmistaken path to permanent freedom from suffering, so how could the Dalai Lama marry these disparate systems together? Of course there appear to be superficial similarities, in the way in which both systems espouse the equality of living beings, but their function and purpose are completely different. It says much about the Dalai Lama's confusion that he would see them to be so similar that he could declare himself a 'Marxist Buddhist' and this confusion explains why the Dalai Lama has taken to mixing two incompatible systems to the detriment of Buddhist teachings in this world.

Dolgyal's picture

A while ago, the number of ex-NKT devotees that have come forward to denounce the cult surpassed 1000 people. Rather than scapegoat a foreign figure who has nothing to do with your aberation of buddhist practice, you would do well to consider this person's story:

"The next things I learned were: Geshe-la is a Buddha, Geshe-la is completely reliable and knows the three times (present, past and future), and my NKT teacher is not different from him. If I see faults in them this is due to my impure mind, because Buddhas - unlike me who is a deluded being whose perception is not reliable - don’t see faults, they have “pure view”.

Next step for me - I was asked to lend my computer to the office. When I asked to get it back (to do my final University exams), I was told that I had donated the computer and I must be confused about what I said. My NKT teacher explained to me, “Sometimes we do not remember what we say, you know…” It was explained to me that this academic study is worldly and not needed, a distraction from pure Dharma. Eventually, my NKT teacher and his most devoted students convinced me, so I gave up the idea to finish my academic study. There is no need for an academic degree I thought. When I worried about it they said to me, you should not think to much.

I was asked to give a loan. I gave all my savings and when I asked later to get it back they said I should be patient. They gave me the feeling that I was addicted to my money. Likewise, my cupboard and another person’s couch were taken over. This other person was told he was addicted to his couch; therefore, he may be reborn as a tiny insect in that couch in the future.

When I could not pay the high rent any more - because the NKT center was forcing me to work more for the NKT center, to ‘accumulate merit which we need for our spiritual progress’, instead of going for worldly work or finishing my worldly academic study - they complained about my behavior one day after the date to pay the rent. They warned me about how much negative Karma I created by not paying my rent on time. They denied that it is possible to balance it with their response to me, “This is something very different, you should not think like this.” They suggested that I should ask my friends to help me and to give me money. I did this; I asked a befriended medical doctor and she gave me the money. My savings I didn’t get back; so finally I decide to “donate” it.

When I visited the NKT festivals in UK, we were told that we should have faith in our teachers, they are good teachers, they are properly qualified. Later I found out that my teacher had studied for only two years with NKT way and that my NKT ordination was no authentic monk’s ordination. A friend who complained about our NKT teacher to Geshe Kelsang was told, “If you would have Bodhicitta (a pure mind) you would see the Bodhicitta in your NKT teacher.” So of course my friend was wrong, he had no pure Bodhicitta, therefore he saw faults in his NKT teachers.

I didn’t want to receive the Highest Yoga Tantra initiation, but I had received so much pressure (manipulation) from my NKT teacher and the group that I took it. Afterwards, I was told that Geshe-las was now my root guru, if you leave your root guru you will be reborn in hell and all yof our realizations will be lost and in all your future lifes you will be without a qualified teacher.

Step by step, I was sucked into the system of NKT until I was quite brainwashed, deceiving myself and others. ..."


Dolgyal's picture

Jang-chub Ozer , the cult's own gossip columnist and NKT enthusiast, is guiding readers to anti-Tibetan hate propaganda? I think Jang-chub Ozer is the ideal spokesperson for the gyalpo cult, who misinform each other with idle chatter, a sort of online echo chamber of neurosis and pseudo- spiritual narcissism.

Here is a sample of his daily bottom-feeding musings.

"Lady Gaga before & after
So what does Lady Gaga look like when she's not tarted up in blonde wigs and leather fetish gear? Well see for your self in the following be...

Celebrity Bondage - Adriana Lima
Honey traps and head slaps Every so often @ wondertrash we like to offer up a little something to lure in those not yet familiar with the b...

Justin Bieber is a member of the Illuminati!
Illuminated Assholes & other public enemies ..."

Jangchub's picture

My name is not Jang-chub Ozer. My name is Kelsang Jangchub and that is not my blog. Please try not to spread lies about me.

You obviously have too much free time on your hands to be reading blogs like that one. :)

Please also stop spreading lies about the New Kadampa Tradition.


Dolgyal's picture

NKT/WSS cult followers write them, clearly he is one of yours, as he displays an icon of your demon as his personal logo and promotes links to WSS and NKT propaganda websites. By the way I think all your websites are rubbish, just like his! The WSS funds a full time office in central london generating this 'material' day in, day out–so who is it that has too much time on their hands?
As an antidote to the poisonous tripe you spread, I suggest people read these:


Jangchub's picture

If you spend your time reading gossip blogs, Rickross forums and Tenzin Peljor's websites I can understand why your mind is so disturbed.

Try some breathing meditation or loving-kindness meditation and take it easy with the cult accusations. If you want to know the origin of the cult smear you can find it hear:


It is unfortunate that many practitioners in the New Kadampa Tradition (like myself) do have to spend a lot of time defending our tradition. If you read the above post it is clear that the Dalai Lama wishes to destroy our tradition and we're not going to let that happen.

Dolgyal's picture

You seem to have simmering anger issues, going on the offensive is not defending your so-called tradition.
If you do not like Tibetans and regard our efforts to educate our children as a CIA plot, fine, change your name back to Schwartz or Smith or whatever it was your parents gave you and wear trousers, it will be better for everyone. If you must pursue new age litigious spirituality, I recommend Scientology.

HAVL56's picture

Thank you, TaraOm Buddhaful for posting these videos of the HHDL.

Jangchub's picture

Here is a video that shows a different side of the Dalai Lama which most Westerners have never seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wxUTbsKo-0

Below is an excerpt is from the Dorje Shugden Truth Blog:

Buddhism and Marxism are contradictory

Karl Marx: religion is escapism?
Karl Marx’s belief was that religion was a symptom of a sick society, an expression of economic injustice. As the Wikipedia article ‘Criticism of religion’ says:
According to Karl Marx, religion is a tool utilized by the ruling classes whereby the masses can shortly relieve their suffering via the act of experiencing religious emotions. It is in the interest of the ruling classes to instill in the masses the religious conviction that their current suffering will lead to eventual happiness. Therefore as long as the public believes in religion, they will not attempt to make any genuine effort to understand and overcome the real source of their suffering, which in Marx’s opinion was their capitalist economic system.


Dolgyal's picture

We can see why the NKT cult despite owning many buildings from unpaid coerced labour, has produced no Geshes, not only they haven't bothered to learn Tibetan or Sanskrit but rely on their own shallow self-referential internet echo chamber! Very much like the culture of the Church of Scientology...it is enough for them. Sadly, many of the cultists will not live long enough to escape their own jingoism!

Dolgyal's picture

Lets skip the 1950's style McCarthyist aspersions get right to the point pertinent to your "pure 'tradition'. Why does NKT need to scapegoat TGIE? The following revelations from a cult insider show why: the numerous sex abuse at the top level of NKT including two "Deputy Spiritual Directors" requires a major diversion of attention otherwise we would see many more than the already over 1000 people who have left NKT in disgust and disillusionment–

"a certain newly ordained monk was told by his teacher Gen Legden from The Vajrapani Buddhist Centre in Blairgowrie Johannesburg that both masterbation and mutual masterbation is allowed. The issue I would like to address here is that the NKT’S ordained sangha are continually breaking their ordination vows. Gen Pagpa the Resident teacher at Vajravahari Centre in the UK has been caught watching pornography on the centre computer. Kelsang Dangwong an American monk who lived at Nagarjuna centre in the UK used to play with barbie dolls and was also caught watching pornography on the centre computer. Tubten Gyatso (Ex Deputy spiritual Director of the NKT) had disrobed after being found having sexual relationships with his students. Samden Gyatso (Ex Deputy spiritual director of the NKT) was asked to disrobe after Kelsang Gyatso wouldnt believe students that he was having sexual relations with many woman and getting a nun pregnant using tantra as a means of seducing them. At Nagarjuna Centre there are students who disrobed for similar reasons, at Amoghasiddhi Centre there was an ex resident teacher who disrobed to marry his student. In Australia a gay resident teacher ran away with one of his students husbands, Kelsang Lodro runs away with another nun. Would you want to end up being your teachers future wife or husband? Would you want the Spiritual Director of your Buddhist tradition to try and seduce you by teaching you his secret tantric lineage?"

Wisdom Moon's picture

So, your response to the irrational and irreconcilable beliefs of your leader, which can clearly be shown by analysis to be contradictory, is to attack another tradition which this has got nothing to do with?

It's apparent that you don't have any reasonable explanation for the nonsense the Dalai Lama talks.

Dolgyal's picture

Great way to distract from the shenanigans of the NKT cult leaders, I can understand why they don't wear pants.

Wisdom Moon's picture

It's perhaps escaped your notice that the subject of this thread is the Dalai Lama and his speeches? I'm on topic.

It's you who is causing the distraction, Brother! It's not surprising because there's nothing you can say to account for the Dalai Lama's irrationality.

Dolgyal's picture

I do not need to defend His Holiness opinions (nor does he need me to do so), he has a right to speak his mind on any topic, anywhere and any time he pleases. NKT is free to sue me as well...if you can find me. Your in-depth Wikipedia research into Marxism is very impressive, but I fear you are again out of your depth. Pray to your ghoul for money and power a few more lifetimes!

Dolgyal's picture

Wisdom Moon (Lineageholder), clearly you don't even obey your guru–the babblings of Kelsang Gyatso the "Third Buddha":

"Some small group in our NKT society engage in meaningless activity on the internet, not only Sangha, some lay. This is incorrect. We are Kadampa practitioners, Kadampa Teachers. Why are we enjoying meaningless activity, discussion? We can have a meaningful discussion with pure practitioners or senior practitioners, Teachers. There is no meaning in talking about silly things publicly on the internet. Instead, make meaningful discussion with our pure practitioners, senior Teachers. Please give my message to the individuals of this group. Stop this kind of actions. Gen-la Khyenrab, give my message in email or writing. Stop meaningless discussion on the internet. If you wish, do meaningful discussion with senior Teachers or pure practitioners, or meaningful discussion with your Teacher. No meaning engaging in silly question and answers on the internet. Please Gen-la Khyenrab, pass my message. I am telling you for your purpose and our society's purpose. In this way, keep individuals and society pure and show very good example."