December 24, 2012

Trike TV: A Very Buddhist Christmas

Here is a last-minute Christmas gift for you, with the knowledge that even the most intense anguish can be lightened with laughter and a little holiday cheer: the first episode of Trike TV, "A Very Buddhist Christmas."

Two of our intrepid reporters hit the streets of New York City to ask the passerby—and some friends from the animal realm—"What would you get a Buddhist for Christmas?"

Let us know in the comment section if you'd like to see more episodes of Trike TV!

Watch the second episode, "Buddha Balderdash," here.

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barkingbuddhas's picture

Very entertaining! Yes, more like this please!!!!

maryft's picture

Very nice! Makes me want to go into our little town and try the same thing :)

folinsky's picture

Yes please! More Trike TV.

jeff_c_bowman's picture

please create more trike tv

dougsmith's picture

Loved it,thanks! More, please!

Anicca1956's picture

That was fun. Makes me realize I am more in the margins of society than I thought! But that's okay.

sallyotter's picture

Definitely more!! I love the idea of encouraging people to think. Thank you and Happy New Year.

janlundy's picture

Oh, yes, definitely more. This clip alone demonstrates how projects like this could foster communication between people. It can open minds and hearts. Plus it brings smiles. So thank you!

jjmummert's picture

Delightful!! More Trike TV, please.

dobefan's picture

It does make you think! Happy Holidays Tricycle community. :)

kanzeon's picture

I think the squirrel had the most to offer here!! Hee hee! Great stuff! Thanks for that. It is like we are a different species!! Yes I would love to see more! Merry Christmas everybody!

buddhasukha's picture

Excellent clip! I truly enjoyed made me chuckle and it was a wonderful Christmas treat! Thank you Tricycle! I would love to see more Trike TV!

susankahn's picture

It was difficult to hear the comments because of the traffic noises. But definitely a great idea. I'd love to see more. Anything to make us smile during these difficult times. And anything that is not a discussion of weapons is welcome. Thanks and Happy New Year to all.