December 24, 2012

Trike TV: A Very Buddhist Christmas

Here is a last-minute Christmas gift for you, with the knowledge that even the most intense anguish can be lightened with laughter and a little holiday cheer: the first episode of Trike TV, "A Very Buddhist Christmas."

Two of our intrepid reporters hit the streets of New York City to ask the passerby—and some friends from the animal realm—"What would you get a Buddhist for Christmas?"

Let us know in the comment section if you'd like to see more episodes of Trike TV!

Watch the second episode, "Buddha Balderdash," here.

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chasetwichell's picture

More! These little interludes are wonderful.

buddyone's picture

Lovely...I love real people and their beautiful unpredictableness!

akikaze's picture

This was interesting. Can't wait to see some more Trike TV.

michca53's picture

Please...more Trike TV. :) This piece put a big smile on my face. My loving hubby (non-buddhist) gave me a subscription to Tricycle for Christmas.....perfect. Gleefully waiting for more episodes from Trike.

sbellegge's picture

Very interesting. I agree that the question (and responses) could provide a good starting point for conversation for a Buddhist gathering - perhaps a post-meditation mindful-and-skillful speech dialogue. Seasons Greetings to you all! (Yes, even Buddhists enjoy holiday cheer.) ;)

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hello everyone, thank you so much for the positive feedback! We're at work to bring you more episodes of Trike TV soon. Happy New Year!

jmyers34's picture

Loved it! Looking forward to the next installment.

mcpk422's picture

More please,

David Gould's picture

Trike TV - fun, thoughtful, flippant but with a point. The engagement with the public is valuable.

nutmeg75025's picture

Would love to see more. Happy New Year to all !!!

celticpassage's picture

Not sure if there is a way to contact the people who run this site...if there is, it isn't easy to find.
If there isn't...I wonder why not?

When I try to log on to the site I get a 'reported attack page' from google...perhaps a mistake, or some disgruntled person.

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi celticpassage,
One of the best ways to talk to us is by commenting somewhere on the site, as you did. (Or if you need technical support, email You can also contact us via Twitter or Facebook.
We've taken care of the site issues, so you should no longer get the "reported attack page" message. Please let us know if you are still.
Thanks and happy new year,

celticpassage's picture

I still get a 'reported attack site' when I access the site through typing in the url into the address bar (as of 13-01-02)

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi celticpassage,
We've re-confirmed that the site has a clean bill of health. Your browser, or if you have installed protection software, has probably cached the malware alert. If you empty your cache, the message should go away.

katedins's picture

Happy New Year! Thanks for the video - loved the interviews and the background music was great. I'd love to see more Trike TV, too!

lotusrainfive's picture

funny! Yes more trike tv.

miketrus's picture

I laughed... and, any gift that gives me that ability is worth it! Please, more TrikeTV!

robren5936's picture

Made me smile!

raymondjcoughlin's picture

I think that the squirrel had it right. No thing is my answer too.

Stephanie Ford's picture

I must admit, at first I thought this would be an educational video filled with suggestions so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a " man on the street " video. I actually found the responses very interesting. It provides excellent fodder for a meditation group discussion or even for personal meditation and contemplation. Kudos to the person who thought up the idea. Yes, by all means, I think it is a wonderful idea to offer a video snipit like this to your readers, perhaps have a " vid of the week" and explore different topics with different groups of people. Thanks for the holiday " cheer"!

Kokuan's picture

Loved it! More Trike tv would be great.
Many thanks and happy holidays to everyone who make Tricycle possible!

stking49's picture

What a kick! Would love more laughter now and again!

axle's picture

I asked for and was given a donation to Doctors Without Borders (among other things).

beatrice's picture

Thanks for a fun trip! The comments added much.
Smiling and enjoying emptyness! Our kids don't get here for our celebration until the weekend. Then there will be 10 adults and 5 gkids, 18 - 3 . Hope all is peaceful and fun.

swamijoyforever's picture

I would get them a subscription to Tricycle magazine of course! :)

Hanny2's picture

shoes! what a sweet lady to think of cold tootsies!

mhardin612's picture

Loved it! More please....

indigomoonbc's picture

Too funny! Thank you for the laugh!

agolley8's picture

Perhaps a jade amulet or something similar. Then maybe some crystalized ginger and a nice offering of sushi to share with him/her and make a memorable moment of enjoying each other's company for a short time.

And yes, more clips to watch as there is so much sensationalism and horror in the news we get each and every day. Some brevity and peaceful news will be welcome.

janeedw's picture

Yes, would watch more! Happy New Year!

Rehn's picture

A sweater.

worthmoremusic's picture

loved sing my hometown, Manhattan...nobody does Chritmas like thr big apple ! _/l\_ peace on earth, good will towards al sentient beings !

Riverphile's picture

That's easy....I would give Nothingness. The greatest gift.

beatrice's picture

Cuckling!!!!! Good one!

jim2oc's picture

Very interesting. American Buddhists indeed need more PR. Thank you, keep it up!

folinsky's picture

I want my Trike TV!

dixraile's picture

Yes, I loved it! The music reminded me of Charlie Brown's Christmas so I knew I was in for something different from the start. I loved that you added the squirrel, he was great, loved his comment! Apparently squirrels don't recall much from past lives either! I was a bit surprised by how stumped people were, how little they knew about Buddhism. Especially the "sandal" comment. I would expect city folks to be more clued in! I hope you do these alot!

david pagano's picture

I would invite them to a festivous party

melyetter3459's picture

I like the first gents idea of giving Yoga! Thank you for sharing!

jboureston's picture

What fun! I appreciate the smile I received from watching this. A very sweet gift indeed. thank you

Happy Holidays to ALL!

in gratitude


buddhajazz's picture

warmed the cockles...thnx Tryke TV

joannerizza1's picture

Fun. Interest woke up. Thanks.

krulka's picture

yes, very clever! I would like more, please.

Zenwu's picture

Interesting video. I like the idea of going out to the public and connecting with people. Well done. I agree we could have more like this. Thank you for making this clip and the sharing. Happy holidays to you all.

peacefoodlove's picture

I loved the bespectacled gent who took such care (and almost uncomfortable hang-time--even for a Buddhist viewer) with his response, coming up with the prescient draw between "a candle and piece of paper;" that was lovely!
I admit I was ramping up with some (mild) craving as I waited. I soooo WANTED him to say "I'm coming up empty."
The lightness in this jolly jaunt with a Trike mic--and the sincere confusion of some of the responses--really resonates, doesn't it? To see that it's not actually scorn out there--more like some soft version of the "Not Knower and the Not Known"--that made me happy (but even my family and friends still find me fringe-y :))
Thank you for the care package today, Trike TV.

beatrice's picture

Coming up empty! Great!

mamalester's picture

Yes, I was enjoying that "hang-time" and then thought 'This man is going to say 'I'm a buddhist.....'" If he HAD said "I'm coming up empty." I would have fallen off my chair laughing. Can't decide which I like more, the video or the comments. Oh, I don't have to choose do I. Thanks. This was fun. More please.

buddhajazz's picture

Yes, me too happy and wanting to use the phrase "I'm coming up empty." Trike TV--more please.

compassionatechick's picture

Clever! Looking forward to more, thank you.

wideawake's picture

What would I get a Buddhist for Christmas?