April 21, 2011

Tricycle's New Direction

Just kidding!

A friend forwarded me this image. I think it's pretty funny. It's from the Flickr stream of Tobyharriman. His page does say "©All Rights Reserved" but, then again, the same applies to our cover and logo and what not...

This discovery lead me to do a bit more Google image digging and I found this piece by artist Nickolus Meisel, titled "Tricycle Magazine; The Buddhist Review" which apparently was on display at the Museum of Art/WSU as part of the WSU Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition in 2007.

Hmmm...a commentary on emptiness perhaps?

I'm sure the artistic merit of the work could be debated but I think we can all agree that he has excellent taste when it comes to raw materials.

I also found this fake cover of our Spring 2010 issue. The issue contains an excellent piece by Alix Sharkey about a very admirable fellow named Vinny Ferraro. I guess someone liked the piece so much that they decided to take it upon themselves to redesign the issue's cover.

The original:







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squeak's picture

Hi. I made the cut piece referenced above. It has shown a number of places. Including Cincinnati, OH at Manifest Gallery. It is cool to see it on here and it was a kind of contemplation on the heart sutra. .

Monty McKeever's picture

No problem Toby! Week's later and it still makes me laugh..the expression on his face is priceless. Keep up the good work!

tobyharriman's picture

hahah, Monty thanks for the post! I know that it really has nothing to do with Tricycle's direction, but it was just for a design class assignment. Let me know if i need to put anything in my description siting Tricycle?

Monty McKeever's picture

nice, I'm glad you like it Frank! I almost spat coffee all over my computer screen the first time I saw it...

folinsky's picture

Monty, thanks for posting these. I find the 2010 Photo Annual cover is particularly Trike-worthy!