January 12, 2012

Tricycle Talks: Patrick Groneman, Executive Director of the Interdependence Project

Patrick GronemanWelcome to our second Tricycle Talk: our new audio interviews with Buddhists of note.

Today Tricycle Editorial Assistant Emma Varvaloucas speaks with Patrick Groneman, the Executive Director of the Interdependence Project (IDP). Not familiar with IDP or their work? Listen to the interview below to hear about IDP's mission, their experiences meditating at Occupy Wall Street's Zuccotti Park, and whether bearing witness at protest sites is a truly effective social activism tool.

As Groneman says in the interview, it is important to examine your own intention when meditating in public:

You're always risking, yes, this could be really self indulgent. Am I just here because I want to prove something or am I here because I'm really curious and I want to try something new? (...) And I feel like that's the question it comes down to: what's your intention for being there?

Our first Tricycle Talk was with Ed Herzog, the director of Old Plum Mountain, Tricycle's current Film Club feature. You can listen to Ed Herzog speak with Tricycle Executive Editor Philip Ryan here.

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Patrick Groneman, Executive Director of the Interdependence Project