April 18, 2012

Tricycle Talk: Sensei Ryodo Hawley

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Kipp Ryodo Hawley

This week's Tricycle Talk is with Kipp Ryodo Hawley, author of the book Three Steps To Mindfulness : Bringing Zen Awareness into Your Life.  Sensei Ryodo recieved Dharma Transmission from Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao, abbot of Zen Center of Los Angeles, in 2007. This certified him as an independent lay Zen teacher after 30 years of training and study. Currently Ryodo leads the Westchester Zen Circle on the Westside of Los Angeles while continuing to offer Zen Mindfulness programs.

I spoke with Ryodo two weeks ago about what the term 'mindfulness' means to the Zen community, and his three step approach to going about this practice. We also discussed the increasing use of computers as focal points for dharma learning, and Ryodo offers advice for beginning meditators. We hope you enjoy the talk!

To learn more about Three Steps to Mindfulness, as well as Ryodo's workshops on mindfulness,  click here.


(image from www.zenmindfulness.com)


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Ryodo Hawley talks about Zen Mindfulness

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Ryodo Hawley talks about Zen Mindfulness