February 29, 2012

Tricycle Talk with Rita M. Gross

This post contains an audio interview.

Rita Gross TricycleThe current issue of Tricycle includes a feature article by author, dharma teacher, and professor of religious studies Rita M. Gross. In "Buddhist to Buddhist," Gross writes about the importance of Buddhist practioners learning about traditions other than their own. Buddhists from different traditions around the world conversing with one another, she argues, could set the stage for a "new period of flourishing of the buddhadharma." But in order to achieve this historic newel, Gross says we must put aside our sectarian judgements and approach other traditions with empathetic contemplation. "To look into the comparative lens sucessfully," she writes, "it is necessary to enter into one’s encounter with another perspective with as few expectations, preconceptions, and assumptions as possible."

Listen to Tricycle's Rachel Hiles speak with Rita Gross about "Buddhist to Buddhist" in this week's Tricycle Talk. Rachel and Rita discuss the "new golden age" of Buddhism, how learning about a different Buddhist tradition can improve your understanding of your own tradition, Rita's assertion that Buddhist training in any lineage should include learning about many different traditions, and how a Buddhist-to-Buddhist dialogue might impact the future of Buddhism in the West.

To read "Buddhist to Buddhist" click here. Rita will be discussing the article and answering your questions throughout the week. Join the conversation here

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