January 27, 2012

Tricycle Retreat: Meditation in Motion

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Jill SatterfieldJill Satterfield has taught meditation and yoga exercises in a number of different traditions. For our February Tricycle Retreat, "Meditation in Motion," which begins on Feburary 6th, Jill will lead us on a journey of meditation combined with movement. We're all aware that some sort of movemment practice is essential for a healthy lifestyle, yet many of us delay putting it into practice. In February you'll have to chance to put an end of delaying and excuses and join us on a journey toward peaceful, healthy living.

In the preview of her Week 1 teaching below, Jill discusses different ways of doing breathing exercises, which, she points out, can get a little boring. Join us at tricycle.com February 6th for Meditation in Motion with Jill Satterfield.

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bradykath1's picture

When you say breathe into your right hand, do you mean take the inbreath into the hand, or do you come at it from the outside and imagine that the hand can breathe and the hand is breathing...I can't conceptualise the mechanics of this technique. Thanks.

Jill Satterfield's picture

Hi, thank you for this great question.

Because we are using our imagination, the breath can be brought in through the hand, from within the hand, with the in breath, or the out breath.

We aren't literally breathing into the hand, but we are moving our awareness, mind, energy, prana ( life force), chi etc. to the hand or infact anywhere we want to in our body. By using breath as a vehicle to move the mind, we are completely free to imagine it as we choose.

Often by picturing breath moving into a part of the body it brings a variety of sensations into that particular area- this is because our awareness , energy, etc. can have physical sensation.

Not everyone feels energy in the same way, and it might take some practice to feel anything associated with it at all - but, even with no sensation involved, the practice of moving the mind/consciousness around in our body is a wonderful way to become acquainted and intimate with it and to see how it is reflective of our mind.

I hope that after you watch the retreats, this will make more sense. And if not -yet- please write to me again!

With my best, Jill