March 28, 2012

Tricycle Film Club April Selection: The Dhamma Brothers

This post contains video. View movie trailer here.

Get ready for the April selection of the Tricycle Film Club! On Monday, April 2, The Dhamma Brothers will begin streaming on our website. This powerful story recounts a small group of inmates in Donaldson Correctional Facility in Alabama who decide to partake in the first-ever Vipassana meditation program in the US prison system. We are grateful for director Jenny Phillips's desire to document and share such a moving story in our country's questionable treatment of our growing population of prison inmates.

The film touches on many important issues such as social justice, politics, religion in the South, so be sure to take part in the discussion with Jenny Phillips following the film. Please join us in watching this film, available at for the month of April. The Dhamma Brothers is produced by Northern Light Productions.

Want to watch the film and take part in the discussion? Join us here as a Sustaining or Supporting Member of the Tricycle Community!

© Dhamma Brothers/Jenny Philips/Righteous Pictures

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