January 25, 2012

Tricycle Community Members Respond to Film Club's Being in the World

Our current Film Club movie is Tao Ruspoli's Being in the World, a discussion of what it means to be human, and how to be human, in a world dominated by impersonal technology. The film features interviews with prominent philosophers and footage of remarkable humans: among them, a flamenco guitarist with a beard like Santa Claus and the soul of a true poet, a graceful juggler, and a female chef who whips up food in a hot pink chef's jacket.

It's a beautiful film with deep, layered messages and meanings. As Tricycle community member MarkG commented:

There was so much here and it all felt 'directly correct.' (...) I too had to stop multiple times. It wasn't solely that the film had a lot of information. I felt that I was having to bit, chew, swallow, reflect.

I was touched by Elizabeth Gilbert's story of the supposed transformation of Allah to Ole. And I loved Dryfus' statement which I will paraphrase: 'In mastery we lose ourselves into absorption and the distinction between the master and the world disappears.' Yes! Thank you Tao Ruspoli for creating a very sweet and thoughtful film.

And another community member, Kurt Schwarz, wrote:

What I enjoyed, in particular, was that the importance of being in touch with life, living it directly, was demonstrated outside the usual and conventional ways. For those of us who have been practicing meditation for years, it is really refreshing to see that there are other people out there who are refining themselves and their crafts and are moving people because of what they have done.

If you haven't seen Being in the World yet, it's available to supporting and sustaining members until Sunday. Head over to the Tricycle Film Club page to give it a watch! Not a supporting or sustaining member? Click here.

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