March 01, 2012

Traditional Shinnyo-en Fire and Water Ceremony Held in Kenya

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©Shinnyo-en organizationHead Priest of Shinnyo-en, Her Holiness Shinso Ito, will attend the 10th anniversary conference of the Global Peace Initiative of Women this March 2-6. The conference, held this year in Nairobi, Kenya, at sites along the western edge of the Great Rift Valley, is titled "Awakening the Healing Heart: Transforming Communities through Love and Compassion".

The Shinnyo-en organization website provides further information:

"About 50 religious leaders from all over the world and representing a wide array of beliefs will meet to discuss how faith communities can tap their spiritual resources of love, compassion, and forgiveness to contribute to healing conflict, social tension, and environmental degradation."

The fire and water ceremony in Nairobi on March 4, will be Shinnyo-en's first in Africa, and Shinso Ito will conduct the ceremony with aims to 'advance world peace and conservation of ecological systems, and to offer spiritual healing to the origin of humanity". To learn more about the fire and water ceremony, "Saisho Homa," you can watch a video below from the Shinnyo-en organization.

You can watch live streaming of the ceremony (and the conference) starting March 2. Find out more information on the Shinnyo-en website.

Click Here To Watch Live Stream starting March 2.  

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