March 19, 2008

Tibetan Violence and the Beijing Olympics

panda_tibet1.jpgLots to talk about with Tibet.

China's news agency says more than 100 protesters have surrendered. And there are no changes to their plan to run the torch down Everest and across Tibet to Beijing. The unrest won't affect the Olympics at all, officials say.

China blacks out Tibet news on the internet. But can those within China bypass the blackout? Probably not.

The outside world continues to stir. Protests continue in Nepal. Reporters Without Borders calls for a boycott of the Olympics. A Taiwanese candidate lights a "Free Tibet" torch. They're still marching in Chicago. And the Pope speaks out against the violence in Tibet.

Is China, worried about the black eye to their cute panda Olympic mascot, ready to talk with the Dalai Lama? The Dalai Lama, soon to meet with English PM Gordon Brown, is up for it.

And finally, a petition to the IOC, courtesy of Konchog at Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa, and an Amnesty International urgent action (pdf), thanks to Danny Fisher.

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Marcus's picture

"Many of the grievances that the Tibetans have is failure to share in China’s economic boom"

I suspect that decades of brutal Chinese repression might have something to do with it too.

Against the Tibetan Rioters's picture

Many of the grievances that the Tibetans have is failure to share in China's economic boom, yet they forget to realise that Tibet is is an area of poor terrain and geographically it is in the wilderness. The new railway linking the east with the west will boost Tibet's economy. The inclux of Han Chinese will also help in its development and we should not forget the recent mineral wealth that has recently been discovered.