March 22, 2011

Tibetan Children at Surmang Celebrate Losar

via Lyndon Comstock in the Shambhala Times,

Surmang Dutsi Til shedra school in eastern Tibet recently took examinations in reading, writing, and arithmetic. A ceremony honoring those who did especially well was attended by hundreds of the children who’ve been attending the school. The best students received khatas, books, and other gifts.

This event marked the start of the Losar (Tibetan New Year) season at Surmang. The children began a three week vacation from school after the ceremony. During this time there will be many activities with their families.

The annual three day Chakrasamvara dance is also held at the monastery during this first period of the new year. Chokyi Senge Trungpa XII Rinpoche led the dance on the morning of the third day, which is a traditional role for the Trungpa lineage. This particular dance is a unique Surmang tradition held in great esteem by the local people, most of whom will attend at least a portion of the dance.

Because the area is very low income, the shedra can only operate with our support. It costs $1/day per child to operate the children’s school at the shedra, including two meals each day for the students.

To make either a one-time or an ongoing monthly donation for children’s education at the Surmang shedra, please visit

Originally posted here, complete with many beautiful photos.

School children seated on the steps of the Surmang Shedra


Introduction to Surmang Dutsi Til:

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