March 07, 2011

Thousands gather for cremation of Luangta Maha Bua

We noted the passing of eminent Thai Forest monk Maha Bua (also anglicized Boowa) in January. A few days ago his remains were created at his forest temple, Wat Pa Ban Tad. Devotees came from far and wide in the hopes of collecting some of the monk's ashes. Soldiers guarded the crematorium itslef, presumably to keep it from being overrun. The crowd is reported by the Bangkok Post to be in the thousands, while Thailand's The Nation numbered the crowd in the tens of thousands.

Along with his late teacher, Ven. Acariya Mun, Maha Bua played a vital role in spreading the Thai Forest tradition. This tradition, with its emphasis on the Vinaya and meditation, has reached the West and attracted a great deal of interest. Tricycle recently hosted a retreat with Thanissaro Bhikkhu, a San Diego-based monk in the Thai Forest tradition, and it proved to be one of our most popular ever! The subject was the Ten Perfections, or paramis (Sanskrit: paramitas). Take a look here.

Image: The Nation

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