September 13, 2010

Take a virtual tour of Coyote Man's home

If you've ever picked up a copy of Tricycle you've probably seen Coyote Man, artist Neal Crosbie's recurring coyote cartoon. Over the years we've followed Coyote Man past pine trees, up Mt. Fuji, over land on horseback and on foot, and even onto the face of a dollar bill. Now we can track him from the moment of creation---in Crosbie's California studio. The ink painter's website now offers a virtual tour of Coyote Man's home, check out the video here here.

As for Coyote Man's creator, here's the news from his neck of the woods:

Lately besides painting pictures of clouds and pine trees, I've been singing songs which are unsteady and short. Songs in gratitude to the Buddhas and songs of apologies to the salmon.

Another significant turn in my work could be doing my drawings of the strange wonder and incalculable mystery in the air instead of on solid materials.

The old masters said this was the way, which is both easy and difficult. So far I don't know if it's working. They were very old masters.

Look for Coyote Man in the next issue of Tricycle—who knows where his adventures will take him next!

Image: © Neal Crosbie

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