July 30, 2012

Swimming in Unfathomable Joy: Final Week of Anam Thubten's Retreat

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We are on the last week of Anam Thubten's retreat, The Art of Awareness.

In his final teaching, Anam Thubten brings us back to the basic wish of all beings, that of happiness. Pure awareness, unfettered by the conceptual conditioned mind is the state of joy. Unfortunately, we tend to miss the point and go on and on in search of our own misconceptions of enlightenment or nirvana. Happiness arrives when we let go of the illusion of happiness.

We often hear Buddhist teachers holding the present moment as the key to waking up. In this final retreat, Anam Thubten clarifies that the present moment is not everything but is in fact a tool to grasp the great mystery, or in Mahayana terms, meeting our original face.

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Anam Thubten's picture

Dear everyone,
I'm about to enter six days silent retreat, but I'll be checking tricycles website and will respond to your questions. So far, people have brought many profound Questions, they're insightful and came from their hearts. It was truly meaningful for me to practice reflection with all of you.

Anam Thubten