December 10, 2010

Spare the world unnecessary harm

The Tricycle Book Club is discussing Lin Jensen's Deep Down Things: The Earth in Celebration and Dismay! Look for daily excerpts from the book on the Tricycle Blog to inspire the conversation, which is happening here.

From Deep Down Things:


If my intention is to win at the expense of another, there’s a good likelihood that the competition will end up with a winner and a loser. To change that familiar outcome I must intend differently. Right intention does this by renouncing craving, and the attendant ill will and harm that attaches to such craving, and substituting in their stead generosity, good will, and harmlessness. If I look directly at what goes most astray and suffers most in human social and environmental behaviors, could I find a practice more suited to our present need than this very practice of right intention? To the extent that I can curb my desire for self gain and cultivate in its stead a little modesty, and to the extent that I can redirect whatever argument I might be having with circumstance toward a more understanding, patient, and affectionate regard, to that extent will I spare the world unnecessary harm."

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jjwalker7730's picture

Just be mindful of the universal law that "he who harms a creature that seeks happiness, will not find it for himself". Dhammapada

rariley3's picture

I would agree with this. If it's your intention to win at the expensive of another person then there will almost always be a winner and a loser but sometimes there can be positive side effects from the intended selfish desire. For instance, if two medical companies are competing against each other trying to develop a heart valve that would make them the most money and would result in market dominance then through their selfish act many people will benefit. I think the discussion is a very complicated one - one that has much farther reaching results than what is immediately apparent.