June 06, 2012

Short Films Showcase: Spotlight on "Buddha in the Bee Yard"

Counting today, there's only three days left to decide who our Short Films Showcase winner is going to be. I hate to sound like a politician, but (I'm putting on my stern face now) your votes count. This is your chance to alter Short Films Showcase history.

All right, the politico-speech is over now.

Let's talk short films.

"Buddha in the Bee Yard" was the very first film in the showcase that I watched, and it left a flavor in my mouth—honey, probably—that was sweet and genuine. It's a simple and straightforward short about the filmmakers' beekeeping, an exploration of impermanence, interbeing, and environmental ethics. Filmed in Virginia and scored by an old-fashioned honky-tonk guitar, the whole thing feels friendly and homey. Sometimes summer in New York is more about garbage fumes than anything else, so it was nice to see nature in its prime: blossoms, grass, and of course, bees.*

Watch "Buddha in the Bee Yard" below. Afterwards, if you feel so inclined, you can click on the link to vote.



*Plus, the film is so much fun to pun with. "Bee Here Now," as one commenter wrote, is just the edge of the hive.

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