September 27, 2012

Shinzen's Final Teaching—Mindfulness: The Possible Revolution

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Today, we conclude Shinzen's What Is Mindfulness? retreat with an exploration of the future of mindfulness and the possibility of what Shinzen considers a "Mindfulness Revolution." Framed as a non-doctrinal skill-set, mindfulness can continue to expand into new frameworks and disciplines. Shinzen takes a look at the factors that could hinder or faciliate and global mindfulness revolution. We invite all those who are participating in the retreat to comment and explore his ideas further in discussion.

Accompanying this talk is Shinzen's final meditation exercise, which you can find on the retreat teaching page.

If you are a Tricycle Supporting or Sustaining Member, you can now watch this week's retreat here. If not, join or upgrade your membership here.

Here's a preview:


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