September 30, 2009

Shelter from the Storm

[UPDATED: Link fixed.]

"The storm petrel is able to survive only by taking refuge in the vast ocean that surrounds it. Rather than allowing themselves to become overwhelmed by the enormity of their environment, these fragile and diminutive birds follow the paths of least resistance. During the worst weather, they place themselves deep down in the troughs of waves, using their delicate feet to push themselves away from the moving walls of wild water next to them, and letting the howling winds shear across the crests of waves high above. This is the bird's own spontaneous dance of resourcefulness and survival, and it is only one example of the countless ways in which sentient beings take refuge."

- Gary Thorp, "Shelter from the Storm." Read the complete article here.

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klrje's picture

ugg for cheap

Emily C.'s picture

My refuge is taking time out. The problem is, I can get stuck there. Of course there is a balance. A balance, in everything I do, is truly what I strive for.


BlindRob's picture

One is reminded of John Muir, who would climb to the tops of the redwoods during storms and swing back and forth with them, whooping the top of his voice. He wasn't only taking shelter in the storms, he was exhulting in them. I always did regard that man as a Buddhist.

sdb's picture

sometimes the best and safest place during a storm is WITHIN the storm. out in the open. no getting trapped in the cellar by a fallen tree. :-)

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marc mcclure's picture

I see now what taking refuge truly means. Everyone does it with something or other - some with work, some with family, some with drugs. The point being, knowing what's your refuge and making sure it's in your and everyone else's best interest.