April 08, 2013

Second Week of Gina Sharpe's Retreat: Forgiving Ourselves

In the second week's teaching of Gina Sharpe's retreat, "Forgiving Ourselves," she walks us through the first steps on the path of forgiveness, focusing on the initial process of forgiving ourselves and relieving the burden of past thoughts and actions.

Asking us to reflect on our values and deep aspirations, Sharpe explores how regret, self-blame, and other fixations with the past keep us trapped in modes of self-inflicted suffering. By developing the resolve that it is possible to let go of these old habits and create new perceptions with practice, we begin to cultivate the fertile ground in our hearts necessary for the next steps of the forgiveness practice.

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Check out the preview of this week's retreat below:

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alisondrable's picture

Forgiveness in itself has great power. I totally agree with what Gina has to say and by forgiving we can achieve inner peace and be happy.
schweizer Kosmetik