September 08, 2011

The School for Compassionate Action

Recently I helped with a video shoot for an upcoming Tricycle Retreat with yoga and meditation teacher Jill Satterfield. Because Jill's teachings—a unique synthesis of yoga and Buddhism—have more of a physical element to them than most of the retreats we've hosted, she had a group of her students join her to engage in the practices and demonstrate restorative yoga poses. It was very inspiring, Jill and her students are clearly a closely bonded group of dedicated practitioners.

During the shoot, I was very happy to learn about the The School for Compassionate Action, a non-profit organization which Jill recently founded. The School's mission is to provide "meditation, yoga, and education for communities in need and those who serve them."


We bring the awareness practices of yoga and mindfulness meditation into our local communities. We empower and educate at-risk youth and those with chronic pain, illness, trauma and addictions. We train health care providers, social workers, therapists, psychologists and yoga teachers to utilize these tools to work with people in need.

Learn more by checking out The School for Compassionate Action's website here, and if you are in New York and could use some healing, I recommend checking out their event on 9/11 at Tibet House, Honoring 911: Transforming Trauma from the Mind to the Body, which is the first of a 2011 series of specialized trainings.

Here is a picture from the shoot of Jill with some of her students:

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