March 22, 2011

Russell Simmons's Buddhas

The Financial Times recently ran a profile of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons' New York City apartment. Inside they found a whole lot of Buddha statues. Mark Wellwood writes:

The decor in Russell Simmons’ homes is dominated by statues of Buddha. No matter where you stand, it’s almost impossible to avoid the gaze of at least one of them. In his New York City apartment, the huge space is dotted with these semi-smiling sculptures, a striking contrast to the concrete surroundings. They seem more at home in his house in the Hamptons: a pair is posted as sentries by the front door, while others stare out serenely across his tightly manicured rock garden and a smattering sit scattered throughout the house.

Their presence indicates eastern leanings—a long-term vegan devoted to Buddhism and the pacifist tenets of Ahimsa, Simmons practises yoga and meditates daily.

Read the rest here.

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