March 20, 2013

Refuge in the Dharma: A Dharma Talk by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

This post contains an audio teaching. Listen to it now.

In this dharma talk given at Downtown New York Meditation Community last week, Thai forest monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu describes what it means to take refuge in the dharma. He explains that the need to take refuge in the dharma is predicated upon a sense of danger that always faces us, external danger as well as danger to the mind. Refuge provides protection from both. The ultimate protection, however, is nirvana, which is one of many words for the goal of Buddhist practice. Interestingly enough, other words for nirvana, Thanissaro Bhikkhu suggests, might be translated as "security," "harbor," "protection," or "refuge."


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"Refuge in the Dharma," Downtown New York Meditation Community, 3/14/2013

Psiguy's picture

Listen to the soul rather than the words. The two together provide a better insight.

tfrink09's picture

Hi, Audio is working fine but I wish it could be rewound to replay certain points. Great stuff though Thanissaro Bhikkhu is a dharma gem.

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi tfrink,
You can fast forward and rewind! When the audio plays, click in the gray area above the green line to move back, and the white area to move forward. If that isn't clear let me know.
Emma V.

nplantarich's picture

Thank you for making this talk available to those of us who could not be there in person.Thanissaro Bhikkhu explains things in a thoughtful, funny and easy to follow way.

Mrs Linda Tomlinson's picture

I am unable to access the audio teaching and wonder if it is faulty?

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi Linda,
The audio seems to be working just fine for us. What is happening when you press play?
Emma V.

lindaldavis's picture

the audio is working fine for me also