November 10, 2010

Rebel Buddha—The Mind As a Stranger

During the month of November, the Tricycle Book Club is discussing Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche's Rebel Buddha! Look for daily excerpts from the book on the Tricycle Blog to inspire the conversation, which is happening here.

From Rebel Buddha:

"In many ways, our mind is like the stranger we see on the streets of our neighborhood. We might protest, "But how can this be, when I am with my mind all the time?" To say that our own mind is a stranger seems absurd. The problem, for most of us, is that our acquaintance with our mind doesn't go much past saying hello. We may have said hello so many times that we feel we're old friends, but how well do we really know our mind? It's more likely that our relationship with our mind is a distant one—not an intimate friendship—because we haven't spent much meaningful time together. We're aware of its presence, its general features, and even its changeability. But we don't know its full story; we don't really know what makes it tick. We may have noticed that sometimes it behaves pleasantly and reasonably, and at other times it starts kicking and screaming. So we remain on guard; we're not sure whether this stranger that's the mind will turn out to be a great companion or suddenly turn on us like the shadowy figures in our nightmares. We're curious, but from a safe distance."

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